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Clarín is Argentina's most important newspaper and has the largest circulation in the Spanish language. In 1999, just as almost every press media in the world did, they decided to celebrate the arrival of a new millennium with a special journalistic creation. In most cases this consisted in taking stock of the century and the millennium and in pointing out the most relevant events and personages. Clarín chose to pay homage to the generation of Argentineans who were about to cross that virtual border, trying to show who they were and what they were like. It wanted to leave a testimony for future generations, a document which would tell them: we were there and this is what we were like.

Diego Goldberg, the newspaper's general photography editor, devised the idea and was in charge of photography. For four months, 28 photographers and four producers, traveled through the country taking photographs of groups of Argentineans, anonymous and famous, rich and poor, in large and small groups, in the city and the countryside, at work and at leisure, making up a panorama of the country's people and places. Ten prestigious Argentine writers wrote an Open Letter to the future generations. To round up its character as legacy and testimony, eight pages were included at the end of the book with an appropriate design so that each reader could make up his own millennium family album.

The end result was a 300 page book with 119 photographs which came free with the regular newspaper edition on Sunday, December 5, 1999. It was an unprecedented editorial event -one million books were distributed- which had a great impact on Argentine society.

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