Sources on photography and blindness

Mexican publications on Evgen Bavcar, photography and blindness:

Luna Córnea No. 17, January-April 1999, Centro de la Imagen, Mexico. "Blindness" (Director: Patricia Gola, Editor: Alfonso Morales) Table of Contents: "Sight isn't vision" Mauricio Ortiz, "The haze" Jorge Fernández Granados, "Touch me, describe me" Hana Iverson, "The brightness of the world" Annie Dillard, "Aligarh and the mosquito net" Alfonso Morales, Dossier "Evgen Bavcar: a desire for images" Benjamín Mayer Foulkes, "Gerardo Nigenda's intersecting photographs" Alfonso Morales, "The distance between things" Porfirio Moreno Martínez, "You never see more as when you can't see anything at all" Mario Bellatín, "Paco Grande: roaming photographer with cane" Josué Ramírez, "Flo Fox: from negative to positive", "Toun Ishii and the enchanted mountain", "Phosphenes" Gerardo Deniz, "Identity as a mask", "Which night, what day", "Braille and the reading machines" Stephen Kuusisto. It includes photographs by the blind photographers Evgen Bavcar, Gerardo Nigenda, Flo Fox, Paco Grande and Toun Ishii, amongst others. There are English translations of all the texts. This volume gathers together information on the greatest number of blind photographers that are known, as well as a series of other reflections on the relation between blindness and the image. Contact: e-mail:, Web page:

Fractal, No. 15, "The blind camera", December 1999, Mexico. (Director: Ilán Semo, Issue Coordinator: Benjamín Mayer Foulkes). Table of Contents: "What does a blind person see?" Prologue, "Evgen Bavcar" Francisco Segovia, "Disappearances" Andrés de Luna, "Oedipus photographer" Benjamín Mayer Foulkes, "A new eulogy to darkness" Ilán Semo, "Reprints" Evgen Bavcar, "The certainty of blindness" Raymundo Mier, "Light-touch" Silvia Pappe, "How to become 'visionary'" Jean-Claude Lemagny, "The camera and the night" a note by Benjamín Mayer-Foulkes. Unpublished photographs by Evgen Bavcar. This special issue of the journal compiles the greatest number of essays on Evgen Bavcar's work that is known in any language. Contact: e-mail:, Web page:

Equis, September 2000, Mexico. Dossier "The blind man and his image" (Director: Braulio Peralta, Editorial Coordination: Guillermo Sánchez Arreola, Dossier editors: Benjamín Mayer Foulkes and José Antonio Forzán). Table of Contents: "PhotoSeptember, month of blindness" Benjamín Mayer Foulkes, "Itineraries" Evgen Bavcar, "Blindness and the gaze" Hans Saettele, "The painting, the gaze, the scene" Susana Bercovich Hartman, "Tricks and blindnesses: an interview with Alfredo Flores" José Antonio Forzán, "Eyes that see" Martha Elena Guadarrama, "To be and to look" Luis Carlos Hurtado, "The street of fiancés" Gerardo Zurita, "Photographer without sight: an interview with Víctor Huggo Martín" Erick Merino. Unpublished photographs by Evgen Bavcar and Gerardo Nigenda. Other photographs: Lourdes Grobet, Luis Carlos Hurtado, Marco Antonio Cruz and Joaquín Ríos Martínez Quino. This dossier gathers together a series of unpublished materials which extend and deepen the complex debate which has been raised in Mexico until now about the relation between blindness and photography, and which also shed light on its future. Contact: e-mail:, Web page:

Ruiz Moreno, Luisa and Juan Antonio Montiel (Eds), La mirada absoluta: arte y ceguera (The absolute gaze: art and blindness). Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, Secretaría de Cultura del Estado de Puebla, Universidad Iberoamericana Golfo-Centro, Centro de la Imagen and the Universidad Anáhuac, Mexico. (Forthcoming). Contact: Programa de Semiótica y Estudios de la Significación de la Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, Puebla, Mexico. Contact: e-mail:


Other publications:

Bufalino, Gesualdo. Tommaso y el fotógrafo ciego. O bien El catacroc. Translation Joaquín Jordá, Editorial Anagrama, Barcelona, 1998. (Original title: Tommaso e il fotografo cieco ovvere Il Paratràc, Libri & Grandi Opere, Milan, 1996), (Tommaso and the blind photographer. Or rather the thingumagig).

Aue, Walter. Am Ende des Lights. Die Fotografie des blinden Evgen Bavcar. Edition Quert Zui Op, Berlin, 2000. This volume collects eight excelent essays on Bavcar written by this acclaimed German poet and art critic between 1989 and 1994. It includes photographs by Bavcar.


Related articles:

Mayer, Benjamín E. "Blind Designers. A proposal for Schools of Design", in Skaggs, Steven and Katie Salen (eds) ZED 4. Semiotics: Pedagogy and Practice. The Center for Design Studies, Communication Arts and Design, Virginia Commonwealth University, 1997. (Reprint of an earlier work published in Sauthoff, Marian, ed., "Image and Text", Department of Visual Arts, University of Pretoria, Pretoria, South Africa, 1997. Version in Spanish: Mayer Foulkes, Benjamín, "Blind Designers. A proposal for Schools of Design" in: MM1 Un año de diseñarte, 1999, UAM-A, Mexico). This article develops the idea that collaborating devices should be set up with blind people in places where there is training in graphic design in the visual arts.



Proof, written and directed by Jocelyn Moorhouse, photography by Martin McGrath, music by Not Drowning, Waving, produced by Jouse and Moorhouse Films in association with the Australian Film Commission and Film Victoria, 1991. (Hugo Weaving, Genevieve Picto, Russell Crowe). (In Mexico this film is distributed by CONACULTA under the title "La prueba"). The main character of this film, Jocelyn Moorhouse's successful first film, is a blind man who takes photos.

The Unseen, directed by Moroslav Janek, Czechoslovakia, 1988. This documentary records the photographic experience carried out by Daniela Hornickova with the blind children in the Jaroslav Jesek boarding school in Czechoslovakia.

Televisione Svizzera

Gaudi, La remor d' una linia / Film



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