"CIRCUM" is the result of a two year effort in Uruguayan circuses, and with already retired circus families.The emotion incited by the discovery in our country of the existence of this magic world only compares to the remembrance of the fascination that it caused in me during my childhood, as I longed to be a trapeze artist. After living during almost a year in a circus, the enchantment of this unique world persists, a world that turns driven by the armonic coexistence of the opposites. Its stability is based in nomadism, its reality is a fantasy of sparkles and feathers; its security is sustained by masts, stakes, and tightrope performances. The circus: a marvelous world that bursts in without notice with its multi-colored big top, its music, its textures and its smells, its lights and shadows, surprising with its magic the unaware gaze and our fragile heart.
Mariana Méndez
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