Still Lives - Laura Cohen
November 4, 1995: Mexico City.

All human beings try to express in some manner what they feel. That is the essence of my work.

I document what I experience and feel through metaphors that I create photographing objects. One could say that I make and photograph, Still Lives, which in turn become self-portraits. Ones' in which I don't appear, instead, there are objects carefully selected or found.

I load with new meaning every-day objects which exist in my surroundings and which have a historical and cultural significance of their own when found in their natural context. They become the means of expression for a message that comes from my inner being.

The variations in form and texture between the objects themselves become a resource to express myself. The tensions that are generated between the materials I use, project my feelings.

The forms of the objects are very significant, I see them as sculptures. They way they interact with space, the positive-negative, become part of my language.

Light is also an important element of my iconography. I use it as if it would be words. The pictures are not about the objects.

As I mature, I try to sieve what I see and remain with what is the more significant. I try to reach at the essence of form.

Laura Cohen

Laura Cohen lives and works in Mexico D.F. and can be reached at: