Pinhole PhotographyAdolfina Paredes

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Pinhole photography not only allows me to record an instant that grabs my attention but also the moment in which each image arises, a moment which may go on for seconds or carry on for minutes.

It allows me to explore with the use of time, and experience emotions in a particularly magic way. Starting with the choice of camera design, I begin a dialogue and a relationship with this kind of photography.

This is not always a precise exchange, as the way in which the light passing through the pinhole slowly draws the image inside the camera obscura is a mystery.

The mystery of recording each image until it is fully revealed is surrounded by various considerations—and this is where the richness of pinhole photography lies.

The choice of sensitive material, the focal distance, the pinhole size, light intensity, the time of exposure, the surrounding space, etc. become mysterious elements that give an unpredictable imprint to the whole process.

It is wonderful to experience mixed feelings when you do not know what the final result will be until the image is developed and you have it between your hands.

Most of my photographic projects are related to Veracruz, an area that has always surrounded me. The spontaneity of the people of Veracruz, the popular habits, our history, our tropical climate, provide scenes that are aptly frozen in time.

Each one of these situations demands my attention and only the pinhole manages to capture what my feelings perceive, providing a touch of nostalgia and the dreamlike state of a dawn painted by light with these ancient and enigmatic processes: the camera obscura and the fleeting spaces that we record with it.