Pinhole PhotographyArturo Fuentes

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Pinhole photography provides me with a different way of seeing the nebulous reality of existing things.

This encourages me to keep on searching and inventing, diminishing everyday reality in favor of the fantasy implicit in the image itself.

At the same time, I project a vision in images that allows me to continue experimenting new things with ancient techniques, confronting the monster of current technology and allowing me to use my eyes instead of the chip.

I have come to know that it is better to look and observe through the pinhole rather than hastily erase images from a digital camera, which does not give me the pleasure of feeling that exceptional quality offered by pinhole cameras and old cameras.

These cameras provide a fantastic and joyful magic that you fully enjoy in all its aspects when you see it. From the laboratory work to the construction of the camera itself, these are aspects that completely oppose digital production. Today, pinhole photographers have proven that photography has not been defeated by technology.