At ZoneZero, we are interested in exploring issues related to photojournalism and how new technologies will come to usher in a new era for this line of work. We need to discover together with you the viewer what works and what doesn't, and what if anything will influence and determine the outcome of how photojournalism is to be carried out in the future.

Clarin the largest Spanish language newspaper in the world published in Argentina, has graciously offered us their weekly "Double Spread" ("Doble Página") photographic essays with topics of their national interest. We are keen to discover how these are received by a world wide audience, nothing to say of the issues related to showing such work on the internet.

We wish to thank Clarin and photographers for their contribution to this project.

Pedro Meyer

 Collective Essay

 Korda / Heinrich

 Marcos López

Daniel Mordsinzky

 Gustavo Garello

 Santiago Porter

 Raul Stolkiner

 Martín Weber

Eduardo Grossman

 Collective Essay

Eduardo Grossman

 Diego Levy

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