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The present age cannot be imagined without photography. There is almost no human activity in which images are not handled, since technical evolution, both in materials and in equipment, has been very rapid.

In this context it could prove anachronistic to cast one's eyes back to primitive processes such as pinhole photography (photography without a lens), but it turns out that, paradoxically, this form of expression now has hundreds of followers throughout the world.

In my particular case I have used this method for many years for various reasons: my profession is painting and with the use of the pinhole camera I achieve results that are related to the forms and atmospheres that I usually handle.

On the other hand it allows me to experiment, in a domestic way, with some techniques which were used before, which in this brief text I cannot describe with the necessary detail.

For me, one of the advantages of this process is that of being able to choose and create my own formats without having to comply with the conventional ones.

On the other hand my work would not be possible without the use of modern materials such as film and paper. However I try to carry on being an alchemist's apprentice, as for me, photography, amid all its meanings, is a purely magical creation.


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