The work I present here is part of three portfolios built over the last eight years, whose titles are: Sierra Zapoteca, Sea city (Marurbe) and Pascual's routes. I developed each one in different times and spaces which become interlaced by my very particular way of conceiving photography.

What these portafolios share is the game I establish with reality. I call it a game because much of it depends on chance and unforseen aspects of life. It is also a game in the sense that I am the recepient of a reality that is foreign to me, so I let it surprise me, show me and give me the guidelines so that I can find the images.

The first step so I can get to work is perhaps the most difficult: choosing the place and the theme. Once that is decided, I put myself in the scenario, allowing the situations around me to happen. I wait for what I sense and forebode about reality to occur. Then, through my lense, I can resignify it, give it a particular perspective and capture it, during the brief instant a gesture, a movement or a fight last.

This period takes me months and lots of roles of film, until I consider I have captured the theme. Then comes the editing process, in which I take two basic aspects into account: photographic composition, and the fact that each chosen image reflects my interpretation of the place and the moment. These fragments from reality allow me to tell my own story.

Each portafolio is an essay, moments of arrest from the world, which I work on separatelyin order to concentrate on each idea. The motives have been diverse: Sierra Zapoteca tells something about a mountain range region in Oaxaca and its lifestyle, a place surrounded by cultural and natural richness. Seacity (Marurbe) is the search, in the middle of gray Mexico City, for salt water, and its promise of pleasure and gluttony. Pascual's routes is a gaze born in a truck's stirrup, that takes you running around the dry northern area of the city led through by the ups and downs of a delivery truck with its yearned for and refreshing soda pops.

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