For many years, this American photographer who lives in France has been travelling throughout Mexico with "lottery eyes". Her name is Jill Hartley and her game consists of compiling, from the personal recordings of her roaming camera, a series of images as an homage and a variation on the pictures from the popular game of chance that has been for decades and is still a favorite pastime in village fairs and family gatherings.

In this manner, the Mexican landscape, the people in their ordinary comings and goings, their everyday, the daily flora and fauna, provide the models for a lottery in black and white, a new reinterpretation of that colorful universe where luck chooses between the lady and the devil, the barrel and the mermaid, the venomous scorpion and death with her scythe. Thus the picture of a woman is now occupied by an aereal portrait of the volcano Iztaccihualtl (a.k.a."the sleepingwoman") and an electric light bulb used as a flower pot, takes the part of the pear. As it happens, the star is also a piñata. And to the feast of images the modern airplane has been invited: shadow and silhuette over the biggest, most populated city in the world.

Jill Hartley's Photographic Lottery was first shown to the public at the Mexican Cultural Center in Paris, France, early in 1995. It was reissued in 1999 and 2008.
It was exhibited for the first time in the Mexican Cultural Centre of Paris, France, in 1995 and in Mexico at the Centre for Image in 1996 .

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