Lili Brick

Soon after my coming to England I rediscovered, in my reading, Lili Brik — wife of Osip Brik and lover of Mayakovsky, the Russian revolutionary poet. In looking at the photographs that were very familiar to me from books I knew back in Hungary, I realised that Lili Brik had been deleted from plates in those Russian and Hungarian books. Lili Brik was hated by the Soviets for her bourgeois influence on one of their favorite sons - thus images of her had to be removed.

Originally I had been interested in Lili Brik because her style was so similar to that of my grandmother. So while recording an imaginary visit to her,  I used portraits of my grandmother and those of my mother to represent the female presence. The situations were taken from actual moments of her life as  recounted in books about her.

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