I repeat emphatically, youth is not a state of mind, nor is it an attitude towards life. Rather nothing hurts you, you get a hard-on just thinking about it, andthe main thing is that you believe that it is always someone else the one who dies

because for those who don't know it, old age starts more or less when you reach your fifties, and the end of the world happens exactly the day on which you finally stop being a consumer

after "that" nobody has never ever been able to show either with or without faith, that the demanding promises of the deities have a body which since the beginning of time has been invented by our fear

the stark facts only prove, that on being dead, we are really stone dead. And as we cannot bear that threat, all our lives dominated by doubt, any imaginary story will do, providing it promises by way of some form of rebirth, that we will not die completelyby becoming one with a god

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