by Martin Weber


This work arises out of the need to explore the field of human desires, to play out the every day ritual of wishing, of contrasting our real state to an ideal one.

I invite people to imagine situations such as a birthday wish, invoking questions from our childhood: What do you want to be when you grow up? If you could have anything in the world, what would it be?. That magical moment in which we imagine our lives transformed by the grant of a wish that could change our situation and maybe our identity.

With the goal of capturing not only the visible aspect, but the inner thoughts of people, I invite my subjects to participate in the photographs by means of writing down a wish. I'm looking for the magic of the revealed secret, and find in the wishes that people shares with me a bridge to getting them to reveal themselves gaining back some power over their representation .

At a time when peoples desires are mediated by mass media information, used for political platforms and recycled for sale, I believe it is valuable to reflect needs and dreams, individually with no processing.

I'm looking to evoke that private experience and bring it out through these people that let us spy like angels their life and their expectations, in search of clue that will identify them and lets identify with them.

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