Meditations on Mexico
Mariana Yampolsky

Yampolsky's gift is finding within the common experiences of the people with whom she

shares a life glimpses of something uncommon. Her photographs make palpable the richness

of Mexican history and culture, and articulate the ties binding the country's people, the past,

and the land. She finds grandeur in an avenging angel stationed outside a small church, or in

the tension of light an shadow that drenches the land, or in the invencible spikes of the

maguey. She faces the country's poverty head-on, choosing subjects that illuminate its social

and political ills. Yet, ultimately, what her photographs transmit is a deep joy and love for

Mexico and his people. It is in the details and textures of life so specific to her country that

Yampolsky also finds the transcendence that gives her work meaning far beyond it.

J.M. Welker
October, 1995

Mariana Yampolski died on may 3rd, 2002 in Mexico City.

All information regarding her and her work can be obtained
in the Fundación Cultural Mariana Yampolsky, A. C. in Mexico City,

tel. (52) 55-98-61-21