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Fantastic World of Colin Jacobson



The past is another country. Photographs which seemed perfectly acceptable when they were first published often appear absurd or hilarious to our contemporary eye.

Sometimes old pictures do last beyond their immediate time. When they are truly memorable, we call them icons, and they become part of our collective memory.

Other images, less universal but none-the-less intriguing, can produce in us a sense of astonishment or wonder at how things were way back then.

Photography is many things to many people. It is one of the most seductive forms of communication available to man. There is one constant value we should seek to encourage and sustain, and that is the capacity if a photograph to involve and entertain the viewer. If a picture does not make people want to stop and look, then it must be considered a failure.

In this monthly series, I will present a selection of randomly selected images which together support some tight or loose theme. The first presentation is titled: "NO IDENTITY" The images are linked merely by the fact that in all of them, human faces are wholly or partially hidden from view.

Colin Jacobson