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It's amazing the things that hands and legs can do.

Evolution has provided mankind (whoops, personkind) with a remarkable range of physiological abilities. Human beings are able to expend enormous amounts of energy on bizarre pursuits without much danger of the system crashing.

For most of our lives, we carry out very predictable activities with unconscious regularity. We roll out of bed, gulp down our coffee, empty our bladders or bowels, run to catch the train or bus, stumble into work, grab lunch, stagger home, kick the cat, grunt at the kids, swallow dinner, snore in front of the TV, collapse into bed - and the cycle continues.

But every now and then, we enter into the twilight zone, demanding the unexpected from our minds and bodies. Such moments are sacred to visual beings, and should be treasured. These are the times when the intelligent photographer raises the camera to the eye, waiting patiently for the inevitable if unpredictable moment when the human form abandons its routine stuctures, and plunges with euphoric intensity into the delights of abnormal muscular activity.
Colin Jacobson
The photographs are courtesy of the Hulton-Deutsch Collection, London.
We value their generous contribution.