Minoo Saboon rushes down to tell us, someone had come into her room last night and apparently opened the faucets in her bathroom. All she could distinguish in the darkness was a figure with an overcoat and a black hat. She was so scared that she waited till it was morning to get out of bed and check what had happened.

I was at a loss of words. I had been dreaming and yet these events were now unfolding before my very eyes. If this was all a dream, how to explain all the water in Luis' and Minoos' rooms? How was it possible to see Jo now converted into John, when the picture clearly was an image of John? Who was Jo and who was John? Who were the true story tellers I had met the day before? How come I could not trust the photographic image I had seen earlier? Could photography not be trusted anymore?

The Australian film maker Richard Conroy-Heale, was very amused after finding out that the script that had been stolen from his room the night before had become a totally illegible and soggy mess due to the flooding waters in the hotel. The problem for me remained. I was convinced that nothing of this was true, I was just dreaming.

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