The Pokémon Adventure
Pedro & Julio Meyer

We had some house guests who came from the United States and we thought that taking them to visit one of the great museums of the world, The National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City, would be a lot of fun.

I invited my five year old son Julio, to join us for such an outing. His response was to look at me with quite some reluctance, and then stated: "Thank you papa, but ......." , I knew right away what was coming, I saw it in his eyes. So I jumped ahead of him in this dialogue by suggesting: "Julito, but you have to think that this place holds the secrets to find many of the oldest Pokémons in the world (the night before I had read him the book  " Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémons" so it was clear to me that there was plenty of room for him to make associations between the story of the book and my offer). He smiled and said "great idea!".

We arrived at the museum and wandered all over the place going from vitrine to vitrine, from room to room, with Julio suggesting his associations as we walked along as he was telling me which ones were the prehistoric Pokémons and which ones were the "modern" versions as he remembered them from his cards. He would rattle off the names and I would take a picture with my digital camera of the pieces in the museum. I was in awe at his ability to recall all those images.

When we got home, he pulled out his rather extensive collection of Pokémon cards and to my great astonishment showed me the associations he had made. You will see in the next pages what he came up with.

Photography played an integral part in creating the final piece of digital art that was the outcome of this adventure.

It might be fun to have your kids do some Pokémon matching of their own before looking at Julio's.

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