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Carl Loefler: Annick Bureaud
ISEA Proceedings online: Wim van der Plas
AP Electronic Art competitiom: SIGGRAPH Singapore
Women Artists of the Past and Present: Michael Lean
MAAP 01 - cfp: Kim Machan
fAf travelling screening program: nisar keshvani
Dreaming the Future: Clifford Watson
Crumbs: melinda rackham
The Jitters: Julaine Stephenson
PVA-MediaLab Commissions - swipe2001: Mediascot
SIMON READ Odd Times: Malcolm Jones
New York Animation Festival 2001 - cfp: NYAF
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Immerse: Leon Waud
ART3000: Daniel Heinonen
Asian Arts Fest 2001 Symposium : Fatima Lasay
Turkish fine arts: H. Avni Oztopcu
switch on/off: marcus neustetter


Very Fun Park from Taiwan: PICA
Code Conference: Paul Brown
Manifesta 4: e-flux
Inauguration of Sarai: Ravi Sundaram
Life Measure Constructions: New Media Scotland
Candy-coated Kiosk: Julaine Stephenson
Transformers : Arcangel / Nechvatal: Joseph Nechvatal
LIVING ZEROES: New Media Scotland
Conference: Museums & The Web 2001: George Lessard
Diagrams: Smart Graphics: Patrick Olivier
lovebytes2001 programme: Lovebytes
Guggenheim conference: Kevin Murphy
CADE 2001 Conference: John McKay
Lite Show - April In Boston: Fatima
Moderna Museet: Rosemarie Trockel: e-flux
Digital Arts and Culture 2001: Adrian Miles
MAC21 Art Fair & Art-e-mail 2001: MAC21
MDIC2001: Maurizio Tucci
Lancement/launch: Groupe Intervention Video


Ars Electronica - cfe: Ars Electronica Centre
CYNETart Competition - cfe: Thomas Dumke
RESFEST Digital Film Festival - cfe: Sid Goto
World Wide Video - cfe: Andreas Broeckmann
VSMM2001 Conference - cfp: VSMM Secretariat
Interactive Narrative - cfp: Andrew Mactavish
dart 01 - cfe: Leah Grycewicz
MIAF 2001 - cfe: Melbourne Animation Posse
World Views Residency NY: Thundergulch
STUDIO XX Residency - cfs: Patricia Kearns
Graph Drawing 2001 - cfp&s: Rene Weiskircher
CTHEORY Multimedia: Melinda Rackham
A Virtual Memorial - cfp: Agricola de Cologne
Forum for Internet Technologies: JavaMuseum
QAG Workshop activities: Jenny Fraser
Ed Video Media Arts - cfs: Ed Video
Greek Visual Artists: Alexis Scandalis Genung
Aboriginal New Media - Streaming: Lori Ward

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Nisar Keshvani (

"What is real? What is false?"

- questions Kong Kam Yoke in fAf's exclusive 14th Singapore
International Film Festival (SIFF) edition This year's festival is themed:"Stranger than Fiction - The Documentary Film".

Kam Yoke explains: "... wars, genocides and other crimes against humanity are committed on a daily basis ... Indeed, reality has to begin, so that we can start accepting the world for what it is, and take the right action. It is crucial and urgent that reality no longer stays stranger than fiction."

In her overview, she provides a reality check focused on documentaries from the world over - 'Land of Wandering Souls' (Cambodia), 'Mr Death' (USA), and 'The Gleaners & I' (France).
<Video clips @
This reality is by no means far-fetched. Timely as it may seem, a friend related how she played a behind-the-scenes video called: "Love Turkey" < at a gathering.

It depicts how a church group sends funds and relief to build a help centre after Turkey's '99 earthquake. Peppered with shots of tearing adults, catastrophe, and smiling children, her friends found it difficult to accept it. They began questioning the video's authenticity, and if this was really the truth. A case of media desensitization - who knows?

Back to art, our April feature catalogues SIFF's installation: 'Fields of Electronic Desire'. Inspired by the noted French postmodern philosopher Jean Baudrillard who said "Today, we live in the imaginary world of the screen ... We too have become screens, and the interactivity of men has become the interactivity of screens".

It is an exploration of the possibilities of the digital and electronic media by a group of Singapore-based artists whose imagination extend beyond the usual concepts of film and video, and of paint and canvas.

This month's bumper issue carries Fatima Lasay's 'Geo|centr|e|i|city - The Earth as Center'. She launches her exhibition, in fAf's Gallery next month. Mez Breeze looks at [website] while Beth reviews 'Web Style Guide'. Joseph Nechvatal enlightens us on 'Computer Virus Project 2.0', Lasay on 'Gimokud - An Internet Soul Project' and Dean Bruton provides a first hand report of 'The Australian Effects and Animation Festival' from Sydney.

Enjoy ...


From: Annick Bureaud
Subject: Carl Loefler
Dear Friends,

Leonardo received this message from Carl Loefler's wife : Carl Eugene Loeffler passed away on Feb 5th.

Another of the key person in our field that is gone. Carl co-edited with Roy Ascott a special issue of Leonardo "Connectivity". He has been a very important person in the field of what we called at that time "art of communication" before turning to VR projects.


From: Wim van der Plas
Subject: ISEA Proceedings online
The Proceedings of the Tenth International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA2000), held in Paris last December and attended by some 2000 participants, are now available on the Web at: 54 papers, 250 pages, french and/or english More about ART3000's new activities ?


From: SIGGRAPH Singapore Chapter
Subject: Asia Pacific Electronic Art and Animation Competition

Call for Entries
Held in conjunction with BroadcastAsia 2001, ComGraph 2001 is a showcase of the best Digital Art and Animation
in the Asia-Pacific region. If you have an animation clip that tells a story, exhibits special computer graphics/animation techniques, or is just interesting and fun; or a digital art that you want the world to see, you can enter it in the competition.

Who Can Enter?
The competition is open to anyone from countries in the Asia-Pacific region (including Australia and New Zealand.)

Entry Forms @
Deadline : 7 May 2001.
1) Digital Animation
- Student
- Open
- Broadcast

2) Digital Art
Digital Art is judged as a single category.

Details on ComGraph 2001 Asia Pacific Electronic Art and Animation Competition can be found at our official ComGraph site:

Seah Hock Soon, Chairman
ACM SIGGRAPH Singapore Chapter
Ph. (65)-790-5443
Fax: (65)-792-6559


From: Michael Lean
Subject: Women Artists of the American West Past and Present

This Website, produced for an online course from Purdue University, features seventeen collections of women artists of the American West arranged around four themes: community, identity, spirituality, and locality. The collections are presented as a series of illustrated essays and cover the art of both European descendants and Native Americans in the area. The essays are written by art historians, and all of the images can be enlarged for detailed viewing.

The collections can be viewed thematically, or visitors can go to the main index to see all of the collections at once. Individual artists can also be accessed through the contributors link. Additionally, the site offers a public discussion forum. The course and Website were developed by Susan Ressler of Purdue University and Jerrold Maddox of Penn State. Individuals interested in taking the online course for credit may register on-site.


From: Kim Machan
Subject: MAAP 01 - cfp
Multimedia Art Asia Pacific Festival 2001
12-14 October 2001

MAAP is seeking submissions for this years festival from artists relating to Australia/Asia Pacific regions. We are looking to promote websites, cd-rom, video and new media forms. The theme for this year is "Excess" considering the theme of extremes and waste, by-product, recycling media, minimalism and maximalism. We are also interested to hear of curatorial proposals and current projects that may partner with the festival.
Submissions by 30th May.

Kim Machan
Festival Director
Multimedia Art Asia Pacific Festival
Ph. 61 7 33487 403
Fax: 61 7 3348 4109


From: Nisar Keshvani
Subject: fAf Travelling Screening Program ('01-'02)

To celebrate fAf's 15th anniversary in 2002, fAf is curating a 1- hour digital program consisting of digital, multimedia, film works (2 - 15 minutes) by global artists. The series will give artists/works an opportunity for "multiple exposure" at various venues globally.

This programme will launch at the Multimedia Art Asia Pacific Festival in October 2001, travel through various parts of Asia, Europe, UK & the US before closing at the Singapore International Film Festival in April/May 2002.
Requirements: Pls include artist statement, brief bio, and format available.
Submission deadline: 15 May 2001

nisar keshvani
fineArt forum


From: Clifford Watson
Subject: Dreaming the Future: The Fantastic Story of Prediction
Clifford Watson's latest book is available:
Dr. Cliff Pickover


From: melinda rackham
Subject: New Website for Media Art Curators
CRUMB - Curatorial Resource for Upstart Media Bliss

A new website for those who exhibit, organise, archive or make new media art (including Internet art, interactive installations, CD-ROMs, digital video, etc.)
The site includes:
* Exclusive CRUMB INTERVIEWS on the issues faced by curators when dealing with new media:
* LINKS to rare new media curating material.
Curatorial Resource for Upstart Media Bliss
Co-Editors -
Beryl Graham:
Sarah Cook:
Ph: +44 191 515 2896


From: Julaine Stephenson
Subject: David Hatcher The Jitters (NZSE40)
0800 Phantom presents
KIOSK An Oblique Project
David Hatcher The Jitters (NZSE40)
March 31 - April 26 2001

Continuing a series of objects, drawings and videos mooting a nervous aesthetics of economic space, Hatcher's latest
metaphysical intervention warps the Southern Alps into an index of the recent performance of New Zealand's blue chip corporations. Part supernatural gesture, part sublime folly, the conflation of mountain ranges with markets blurs eons and split seconds to posit an erratic image of time. Smurf-toned and drastically miniaturised, the work references comic book displays of power and transformation.
Julaine Stephenson / Oblique Trust
17 Lytton St / Carlton / VIC 3053 / Australia
Ph. +61.410.40 26 30


From: Mediascot

Subject: PVA-MediaLab Commissions - swipe2001 swipe - artists on-line information and exchange -

PVA MediaLab is committed to developing new technology based creative work across disciplines.

In 2001 we are inviting proposals from artists and practitioners across all disciplines, working to the theme of Old Knowledge -
New Technology (OK-NT). Commissioned artists will work in residence at the MediaLab in Bridport, Dorset between April and September. We positively encourage applications from those living in West Dorset and at least one commission will be awarded to an artist resident in the district or with strong connections to the area.

The Lab has exhibition/performance space and can support ISDN, web, interactive, installation, projection and performance-based works. Equipment includes Macs, PCs, digital video editing and a digital sound studio. All new work will be profiled at the SWIPE2001 Media Festival in December 2001.
Application deadline: April 6
julie penfold, project manager
the literary and scientific institute
51 east street bridport dorset dt6 3jx
t/f: 01308 459071


From: Michael Lean
August 16 -19, 2001
Four days of ideas, innovation and invention.

Ideas at the Powerhouse is a major new event to be held in Brisbane this year which will be sure to stir up debate, discussion and involvement in issues about our future. Ideas at the Powerhouse will bring together leading national, international and local thinkers, commentators and practitioners to present challenging ideas from the fields of science, justice, religion, education, the arts, politics, economics and design. Advisors to the project include Mr Phillip Adams, Dale Spender, Professor Ian Lowe, Sandra Phillips and Wendy Sarkissian.

The four-day program from August 16 -19 will include lectures, debates, panel sessions, forums, live ABC broadcasts, an Ideas Bazaar, exhibitions and presentations. With both ticketed and free events and a combination of large and intimate sessions, in both indoor and outdoor spaces Ideas at the Powerhouse will provide accessible options for all audiences.

For information, updates and to register your interest:


From: Malcolm Jones
Subject: SIMON READ Odd Times

The Arts Council and the London Borough of Southwark have given half a million pounds to the Bermondsey Artists' Group to build the gallery near the new Jubilee Line tube station at Canada Water. The building opens to the public in May with an exhibition of Simon Read's photographic projects which have been widely exhibited on site in this country, mainland Europe and in the USA.

This is the opening exhibition of the Cafe Gallery in Southwark Park in its new incarnation as simply 'The Gallery'. It features work by Simon Read, an artist who was a resident in Butlers Wharf in Southwark until it was burned down in 1979 and subsequently redeveloped. One intention in the show is to revisit aspects of his concerns then, and explore their continuity into the present day, working on the Suffolk Coast. Then as now, photography has taken a central role for him as has the building of his own camera apparatus.

Exhibition Dates: Wednesday 23rd May-Sunday 17th June 2001.
Private View: 6.30-8.30pm, Tuesday 22nd May, 2001. Exhibition
Hours: Wednesday - Sunday, 11am - 5pm (closed Mondays/Tuesdays).

Ron Henocq
Ph. 020 7237 1230


From: New York Animation Festival
Subject: New York Animation Festival 2001 - cfp

DEADLINE: May 15, 2001

The international biennial festival of film, video and digital animation is back!

The 2001 festival will focus on independently produced short works and take place September 14 - 20, 2001 at Cinema Village in New York City. International, student, and experimental entries encouraged! Visit our new website for more information and to complete an entry form:

*APPLY ON-LINE: It's never been easier to enter a festival - you may complete and submit an application form and pay entry fees on our new website:

New York Animation Festival
PO Box 1513, New York, NY 10009
Fax: 212 260-0912


From: Mez Breeze

Subject: Iowa Web Review
New at The Iowa Review Web, March 2001 mez : -][selec][text: co][deP][l][oetry] _
Noah Wardrip-Fruin : The Impermanence Agent a.c.chapman : he Impermanence Agen
Brion Moss : e Impermanence Age Duane Whitehurst : Impermanence Ag


From: Dorothy Simpson Krause
Subject: exhibition/works
* Sacred and Mundane
In this solo exhibition at The Art Complex Museum Krause uses plaster, tar and wax, to incorporate the discarded bits and pieces of a woman's life and, with the tools of technology, transform them.
April 4 - 29.
Opening April 8, 1:30 - 3:30 pm.
Free. 189 Alden Street Box 2814, Duxbury, MA.
(781) 934-6634, fax (781) 934-511

* The Eye's Mind: Art through the Lenticular Lens It showcases several applications of the media including lenticular framed prints, glass-tiled murals, and lenticular images combined with other media.
April 29 - May 30.
Opening April 29, 1- 8pm.
Free. 86 Park St., Attleboro, MA.
(508) 222-2644.

* The Third Dimension in Prints
At the Brush Art Gallery and Studios artists Dorothy Krause, Henry Aguet, Helen Golden, Ken Huff, Mel Strawn and Dan Younger explore the third dimension within and beyond the picture frame.
April 22 - June 21.
Opening April 22, 2 - 4 pm.
256 Market St., Lowell, MA

* Computer Art
An exhibition of computer assisted and generated artwork by Dorothy Simpson Krause, Dennis Miller and June Bisantz Evans at the Sorenson Center for the Arts. April 19-May 3.
Opening April 22, 3 - 5 pm.
Horn Gallery, Babson College, Wellesley, MA.
(781) 239-5680

Dorothy Simpson Krause
32 Nathaniel Way, P.O. Box 421
Marshfield Hills, MA 02051
Ph. 781-837-1682
Fax: 781-834-1782


From: Leon Waud
Subject: Immerse

immerse is looking at the use of new media (which itself is not new), what is new is in the way the project is structured, each member is given their own web page, that over time becomes their online archive; an individual promotional tool. As each member promotes themselves using this tool they are also promoting immerse and in turn the rest of their members.

We have other sections such as news events and articles; our aim is to create a comprehensive contemporary arts network, of artists, galleries and institutions. With this service we hope to create a sense of cohesion in the contemporary art scene. This will also help generate traffic through the site. The information in these sections will also be archived giving ourselves and other interested parties a valuable research source.

Leon Waud


From: Daniel Heinonen
Subject: ART3000

ART3000 takes the direction of a new arts centre dedicated to creation and the new medias in Issy-Les Moulineaux.

ART3000 was prize winner of the invitation to tender launched by the city Issy-Les Moulineaux (near suburbs of Paris) for "the exploitation and the management of an arts centre dedicated to the new medias".

In 2001 ART3000 will develop the following activities :
* the activities related to the opening of Issy-Les Moulineaux arts centre
* the initiation and training in direction of the schools, the general and initiated audience
* the availability of a documentation and resources center
* the support of projects
* the artistic creation and production
* the artistic programming
* the research of new cultural partnerships
* the organization of an event dedicated to digital creation in the continuity of ISEA2000 and the General Assembly on Interactive Writing

Press : Virginie Gallon
ART3000 [art et nouveaux mdias]
156 Avenue de Verdun - 92130 Issy-Les Moulineaux
Tl. : 33 (0)1 46 48 66 36
Fax : 33 (0)1 46 48 66 59


From: Fatima Lasay
Subject: Asian Arts Fest 2001 Symposium
@ the UP CFA Auditorium

Includes the GIMOKUD and screenshots


From: H. Avni Oztopcu
Subject: Turkish fine arts

"I have been dealing with the problems of puttin the abstract world which has been established in minds into an objective shape with the power which a human being holds in materializing things"

I hope you'll be able to have a look and share your convictions with me. I'm looking forward to hearing your criticism and opinions.

H62 Art Gallery ... fine arts from Turkey:


From: marcus neustetter
Subject: switch on/off

The 2001 Sasol exhibition curated by Marcus Neustetter at the Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees in Oudtshoorn, South Africa, presents a range of South African artists, each of which will be showing two works related in subject matter, however in different media; one work in digital format and the other one of the more traditional media.

the exhibition creates relationships between artists' works on the screen and off the screen - switch on/off. The translation of the production of the sculptural, photographic or pictorial works into either computer specific, digitally manipulated or even interactive pieces has become interesting in the relationship of art and technology.

opening: Saturday the 7th of April at 17:30 with the SASOL opening function for the KKNK Visual Arts walkabout: Sunday the 8th of April at 11:00

marcus neustetter
27 11 941 2424
082 6722 699


An attachment to: fineArt forum Vol.15, No.04, April 2001
Contents: Events MAC21
Art Fair: MAC21
Blue Skies: New Media Scotland :::recode::: hybrid<lifeforms: Josophia School of Sound 2001: New Media Scotland
Year of the Artist project: Convergence
Digital Salon Webcast Series: G.H. Hovagimyan
InteractivA '01: Jenny Fraser
Three Decades Three Works: Aisling Breen
e-phos 2001: Alas
Art Statements: ArtBasel
Workshop Announcement: Alife Music
Web Intelligence 2001: Eliza Kosmala
VSMM2001: VSMM Secretariat


From: MAC21 Art Fair
Subject: MAC21 Art Fair - Marbella 2001
July 18 - 22 2001

M A C 2 1 - 2001 is an International Contemporary Art Fair that will take place in the Fairs and Congresses Center of Marbella, Spain.

Galleries, conditions, application:


From: New Media Scotland
Subject: Blue Skies
Until April 28 2001
Private View: Saturday 24 March 3-5pm

Blue Skies is an exhibition of newly commissioned works by Scotland-based artists using digital technologies. The work in the exhibition explores how technologies are mediating our sense of time and space and how this process impacts on the way we perceive our place in the world and our relationships with other people.
Featuring work by Colin Andrews, Catriona Grant and Beverley Hood.

Stills New Media Scotland
23 Cockburn Street P.O. Box 25065
Edinburgh EH1 1BP Glasgow G1 5YP


From: Josophia
Subject: :::recode::: hybrid<lifeforms
Until May 12 2001

hybrid<lifeforms: Australian New Media Art is organised by the Netherlands Media Art Institute, in collaboration with Australian curators Josephine Grieve and Linda Wallace.

hybrid<lifeforms takes the viewer into the lush undergrowth of contemporary Australia: strange confessions, dark memories, hybrids. Like Europe, Australia has been quick to pick up on new developments. Australian artists went in search of the worlds in and behind the computer, reflecting upon and experimenting with the complex distinctions and connections which created a sanctuary for new visions. The artists in the exhibition reflect on both digital media and cultural and social life.

Marieke Istha (Communications)
Annet Dekker (Exhibitions)
Ph. (31) (0)20 623 7101
Fax (31) (0)20 624 4423


From: New Media Scotland
Subject: School of Sound 2001
April 4-7 2001

Sonic environments, non-naturalistic sound, screen sound, sonic art, sound as metaphor, human sound perception, sound for multimedia - the topics have ranged from the practical to the aesthetic to the metaphysical. This unique symposium explores the art of sound with the moving image. This is an ideal educational event for all those wishing to understand how to use sound creatively in entertainment and art.

Ph. (44) (0)20 7323 3437


From: Convergence
Subject: University of Luton Year of the Artist project

Joe Lawlor and Chris Molloy have been appointed as 'artist(s) in residence' at the Department of Media Arts. The aim of the residency is to develop a web-based artwork which is to be located at and integrated within the *Convergence* web site.

From April 18, the site will go live and they will welcomecomments about the work in progress. The project will remain live during the rest of April and throughout May as work progresses. The final date for making comments will be June 1 2001. Please visit the site during this period and offer feedback, suggestions etc. The project will then go off-line for completion and will be launched on June 20 2001.

Dept of Media Arts,
University of Luton,
75 Castle St., Luton, LU1 3AJ, UK
Ph. (44) 1582 489031/489144
Fax (44) 1582 489014


From: G.H. Hovagimyan
Subject: The New York Digital Salon Webcast Series

The MFA Computer Art Department - School of Visual Arts is pleased to present: The New York Digital Salon Webcast Series. Live video are streamed over the internet and archived on the Digital Salon website. To access the live stream and archives:
April 30 2001
6pm EST (21h00 GMT)

The Challenge: Presenting Digital Art Representatives from Museums and Galleries devoted exclusively to presenting digital art will talk about what works and what they have planned for the future.



From: Jenny Fraser
Subject: InteractivA '01
Until April 20 2001
Museum MACAY
Merida, Yucatan, Mexico

The Museum of Contemporary Art Ateneo of Yucatan and Cartodigital present InteractivA '01.

The exhibit has been curated by interdisciplinary artist and scholar Raul Ferrera-Balanquet and includes New Media, CD-Roms, Conceptual Arts, Net Art, Video, Installation and Performance.


From: Aisling Breen
Subject: Three Decades Three Works - Kevin Atherton
May 2-22 2001
Arthouse - Multimedia Centre for the arts
Curved Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, Ireland.
Admission is free

For this exhibition, Kevin Atherton has selected three of his works, one each from the seventies, eighties, and nineties.

The seventies work is a video conversation between himself and his pre-recorded self 'In Two Minds' where Atherton questions video arts relationship to mass media. This theme is continued in the eighties in the two monitor work 'Television Interview' which literally interviews the television. The nineties sees Atherton creating work using virtual reality technology. 'Gallery Guide' interweaves the fictional and the virtual through the creation of the virtual exhibition 'Four Rooms and a Toilet'.

Preview: May 1 2001 6.30 p.m

Exhibition: May 2-22 2001Speaker Presentation: May 8 2001 6.30 p.m. 7.30 p.m.

Info: Aisling Breen Press Officer
Ph. (01) + (ac) 605 6800
Fax (01) + (ac) 605 6801


From: Alas
Subject: e-phos 2001

Explore the neologisms of corporeality in digital perfoming arts and interactivity in tele perfomances as choreography phenomenon. Participants include Matt Adams, artistic director of "Blast Theory" and Maria Anthimidou, artistic director/choreographer of "Dancers Group".

3rd International Festival of Film and New Media on Art
23 May - 2 June
Athens, Greece

TRANSDANCE research lab on dance and technology
May 23-31 2001

IME, Athens, 254 Pireos Street, Greec

Ph. (00) (301) 7520064/5
Fax (00) (301) 7520064


From: ArtBasel
Subject: Art Statements

Art Statements offers young art a special platform that presents the artists and galleries to an international audience.

This June seventeen one-person shows by young artists from 11 countries will be featured in the Art Statements at Art 32 Basel, the international art fair. The selection committee chose featured artists from over 240 international applicants.

Art Basel
P.O. Box, CH-4021 Basel
Ph. (41) (61) 686 20 20,
Fax (41) (61) 686 26 86


From: Alife Music
Subject: Workshop Announcement
Artificial Life Models for Musical
ECAL 2001 Workshop
September 9 2001

Alife Music are organising a workshop on "Artificial Life Models for Musical Applications" to take place in September during ECAL 2001 (European Conference on Artificial Life) in Prague

This workshop will constitute an unprecedented forum to foster discussion on the fundamentals of musical artificial life models, including the appropriate research methods and validation procedures for such applications, as well as their benefits to the scientific community and to musicians and artists.



From: Eliza Kosmala
Subject: Web Intelligence 2001
October 23-26 2001

The Asia-Pacific Conference on Web Intelligence (WI) is an international forum for researchers and practitioners to discuss and examine the development of Web-based information technology.

WI-2001 is expected to stimulate the future development of new models, new methodologies, and new tools for building a variety
of embodiments of Web-based intelligent information systems. It will be jointly held with the Asia-Pacific Conference on Intelligent Agent Technology (IAT).

Department of Information Engineering
Maebashi Institute of Technology
460-1, Kamisadori-Cho, Maebashi-City, 371-0816 Japan
Ph/Fax. (81) (27) 265 7366


From: VSMM Secretariat
Subject: VSMM2001: Author Information Update
October 25-27 2001

This 7th International Conference on Virtual Systems and MultiMedia is hosted by the UCBerkeley Center for Design Visualization and the VSMM Society. This year's conference theme is "ENHANCED REALITIES: Augmented and Unplugged."The VSMM website has been updated to include Author paper submission information, Author guidelines, templates and formating instructions



An attachment to: fineArt forum Vol.15, No.04, April 2001

Contents: Opportunities
cast01 Symposium - cfs: cast01
New Media Art - cfa: Gertrud Riethmuller
COSIGN 2001 - cfp: Ulf Wilhelmsson
Cultural Policy Conf. - cfp: Carol Ballard
Women's video works - cfp: Isabelle Hayeur
Trans oo4 - cff - cfv: Woody
Art Action: Universes in Universe
CYNETart Competition -#2cfe: CYNETart
MIAF 2001 - #2cfe: Melbourne Animation Posse
Pixel Plunder - cfs: YEAR ZERO ONE
Pizza Surprise: Michelle Glaser
"Map to My House" - cfp: Nanette Wylde
Film Waves: Marco Zee-Jotti
Engad - cfs: Wilfried Agricola
EMARE: New Media Scotland
UNESCO - Bursaries: New Media Scotland
Media Mentorship Program: Express Media
Int. Post Graduate Program: Robert Fleck
Online Art Scholarship: Mario Strzelski
New media journal - cfp: Convergence - cfp:
Administrative Assistant Position: trAce
Web Manager Position: ANTA
FILE 2001: File File


From: cast01
Subject: cast01: Symposium on Communication of Art, Science and
Technology - Germany: Call for submissions

On 22-22 September 2001 cast01 will present inspiring media art and innovative research projects from the EU Information Society Technologies programme (IST). cast01 explores the ways in which Next Generation Internet can be understood, explored and supported through creative interdisciplinary practices.

cast01 invites submissions of inspiring research, technological development and artistic production. Proposed contributions may be in the form of research papers and artistic presentations as well as blueprints and posters of developing ideas. Researchers, artists, theorists, practitioners and entrepreneurs are encouraged to submit interdisciplinary projects and critical reflections on the merging of the virtual and the real.

Deadline: 31 May 2001


From: Gertrud Riethmuller
Subject: New Media Art Event - Germany: Call for artists

Artists are invited to participate in an International Media Art Event. This event will be held in August and September 2001 in the former coal mine "Gegenort" in Neunkirchen (Germany) and the World Wide Web. Submissions should be artistic conceptions,
utopias, and ideas for installation in 10 building site containers.

Deadline: 1 May 2001


From: Ulf Wilhelmsson
Subject: COSIGN 2001 - The Netherlands: Call for posters and technical demonstrations.

Computational Semiotics In Games and New Media (COSIGN) will run its first International Conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, from 12-14 September 2001. This conference is intended for anyone with an interest in areas of overlap between semiotics (study of signs, symbols, and significations) and interactive digital media. Submissions of posters and technical demonstrations are currently invited.

Deadline: 23 April 2001


From: Carol Ballard
Subject: Cultural Policy Research Conference: Call for papers

The Centre for Cultural Management and Research and the New Zealand Ministry for Culture and Heritage Te Manatuu Taonga are delighted to invite participation in the Second International Conference on Cultural Policy Research to be held in Wellington, New Zealand from 23-26 January 2002.

Note: the Australian Key Centre for Cultural and Media Policy is putting together a panel session and papers on the topic of 'youth arts and cultural policy' to present at this conference.

If you are interested in being part of this collaboration:
Ph: +cc 07 3875 7772


From: Isabelle Hayeur
Subject: Women's video works - Canada: Call for proposals

We are currently working on a project called "Anima", which gathers digital video works created by emerging women artists. The selected tapes will form a program of approximately one hour, which will be launched in the studios of Groupe Intervention Video (G.I.V.) Montreal, in autumn 2001. The artists will be paid.

We are primarily looking for innovative and experimental works that explore the various aspect of moving-image making. Short videos using new and unique techniques will interest us. First videotapes and students' works are also welcome.

Deadline: 1 June 2001
Info: Isabelle Hayeur


From: Woody
Subject: Trans oo4 - USA: Call for film and video works

Transmission festival represents an event of largely digital art, both sound and visual, featuring live multi-venue digital video and audiocasts. This year's festival will be run from 6-12 August 2001, in multiple locations in Chicago.

Artists are invited to submit their international experimental film and video works at the intersection between visual and sound art.

Deadline: 15 May 2001


From: Universes in Universe
Subject: Art Action: Call for submissions

Art and cultural institutions worldwide offer grants and cultural exchange programs. Opportunities exist for artists to submit their entries for exhibitions, competitions, projects, festivals, and awards.


From: CYNETart
Subject: CYNETart 2001 International Competition - Germany: Second call

Central to CYNETart 2001 will be installations, experiments, performances and research results dealing with connections between technological and bio-psycho-social interfaces. Entries are called for, in the fields of audio processing, internet, interactive CD-ROM, computer graphics, computer animation, and computer-based installation/performance. Prize money totals 10,225 Euro (20,000 DM)

Deadline: 30 April 2001


From: Melbourne Animation Posse
Subject: MIAF 2001 - Australia: Second call

Entries are called for the inaugural MELBOURNE INTERNATIONAL ANIMATION FESTIVAL (MIAF). The festival will take place at Cinemedia at Treasury Theatre from 26 June-1 July 2001. We are especially looking for Australian content.
Deadline: 30 April 2001


Subject: Pixel Plunder: Call for submissions

YEAR ZERO ONE is currently seeking submissions for its on-line exhibition called Pixel Plunder. The exhibition explores the idea of artistic authenticity, appropriation and "aesthetic hacktivism" as it relates to the internet or any other easily reproducible (plundered) media.

The exhibition will be launched on 1 September 2001 and artist fees will be paid.
Deadline: 1 July 2001


Subject: Experimenta: Pizza Surprise - Australia

Pizza Surprise is a curated exhibition of 10 new works that take art out of the gallery and directly into the audience's home. The works will be home delivered via the mechanisms commonly associated with pizza delivery. Artists are encouraged to work in any medium: 2D or 3D, video or interactive media, sound works etc.

The selected artists will be commissioned to produce one edition of 25 works sturdy enough to be housed and home delivered inside a standard white pizza box. Selected artists will receive an artist fee and a contribution toward production costs. A catalogue will also be produced for the exhibition

Deadline: 4 May 2001
Submission outline:


Subject: "Map to My House": Call for participation

Mail Art Exhibition Sponsored by:
The Postal Modern Collective, California State University, Chico
Theme: "Map to My House"
Exhibition dates: 17-27 April 2001
Work will not be returned.
Mail To: Map to My House
Art @ CSU Chico
Ayres 107
Chico, CA, USA 95929-0820
Deadline: 13 April 2001 postmark
Documentation of the exhibition after 30 April 2001:


From: Marco Zee-Jotti
Subject: Film Waves

Lux gallery will be screening a compilation of artists' moving image loops. You are invited to contribute a mute sequence of between 5 and 15 seconds which will be looped to a length determined by the number of contributions we receive.

The loops will be simultaneously projected on the Lux gallery's three windows - that is, three times the same image. The compilation will be marketed on vhs with 50% of the profits going to the artists and 50% to Film Waves.

Deadline: 30 April 2001
Info: Catherine Elwes


From: Wilfried Agricola
Subject: Engaged Artists Directory (Engad): Call for submissions

Engad is now launching the first part of their online artists directory. Submissions are called from two categories:
1. Artists homepages
2. Popular festivals of art and media
Artists working with engaged contents are invited to submit the URL of their homepages or webprojects
Application form:


From: New Media Scotland

The seventh EMARE program will take place from Summer to Winter 2001. It offers artists the opportunity to create new work based at key media arts organisations across Europe. Residencies will last for 2 months. The artists will be provided with local accommodation, the use of the media technical resources of the partner organisations, a financial supplement, and participation in regional festivals or separate presentations of their work.

Deadline: 31 May 2001.


From: New Media Scotland
Subject: UNESCO - Aschberg Bursaries for young artists 2001/ 2002

Aschberg Bursaries program aims to promote the professional growth of young artists in different disciplines through further training and residencies in other countries. The program is managed by UNESCO's International Fund for the Promotion of Culture (IFPC).

The following bursaries are available to visual artists from the UK. The deadline for applications is 30 April 2001.
Residency at the Cimelice Castle, Czech Republic, for 2 months.
Areas: painting, mixed media, sculpture, installation,
performance and literary arts.

Residency at the Sanskriti Kendra, New Delhi (India), for 3 months. Areas: painting, sculpting, pottery and ceramics, photography, new media and craft.


Residency at the Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai (Thailand) for 3 months. Areas: painting, sculpture, printmaking and media
Info: Mr Pongdej Chaiyakut (at the Faculty of Fine Arts)
Ph: +66 53 211724/944801/944805
Fax: +66 53 211724


From: Express Media
Subject: Express Media Mentorship Program - Australia

Express Media will be running 5 national mentorships for young writers and artists from June to November 2001. The mentor will work with their mentee for 20 hours over a six month period, passing on their experience, and helping the mentee make advances in their chosen arts practise.

Programs are available in the following fields:
* Tasmania: Writing for the Stage
* ACT: Writing Fiction
* Victoria: Non-Fiction Editing
* New South Wales: Novel Writing
* South Australia: Science Fiction Writing

Deadline: 30 April 2001 (5pm)
Info: Richard (at Express Media)
Ph: +61 03 9416 3305 (bus.)


From: Robert Fleck
Subject: International Post Graduate Program - France

An opportunity exists for 10 young artist or researchers to join the international Post Graduate Program. The program will be held for 8 months, at the ERBAN-Visual Art School in Nantes, France.

Participants should have a degree in fine art, architecture, design, art history, or cultural studies, dating from 1996 to 2000. For foreign artists, a good knowledge of French or English is appreciated.

Deadline: 21 May 2001
Application form:

Ph: +33 2 40 35 90 20
Fax: +33 2 40 35 90 69


From: Mario Strzelski
Subject: Online Art Scholarship - Stuttgart

boost GmbH electronic business are rewarding promising net artists with a scholarship for internet art and communication for the duration of 6 months.
The goal of the scholarship is to establish a net art site. Part of this site, and the responsibility of the scholar, will be an up-to-date collection of net art resources. The other part will be for free use to the artist. The scholar will receive hard- and software support and DM 3000


From: Convergence
Subject: Journal of Research into New Media Technologies: Call for papers
We are currently planning a special issue of Convergence on Intermedia, with a targeted publication date of Winter 2002.

Intermedia is the combination of structural elements from two or more different media into one medium. It can or cannot be multimedia, although they are of course two very different concepts. Besides intermedia and multimedia there are also the terms hypertext and hybridisation.

* The focus of the special issue *
We would welcome contributions which both explore the boundaries of the newly expanded use of the intermedia concept and address the essential category of transformation.

Deadline: 1 April 2002
Info: Yvonne Spielmann


Subject: Call for papers is a manuscript repository of research discoveries. It is a cyber-space forum where ideas can be exchanged. It is a huge blackboard in the form of a chat room, a faculty lounge or a student union beyond campus boundaries. In this universe peers in your own specialties and from crossing fields can interact with each other without the tyranny of time zones, all taking place at Internet speed.

We will not ask for copyrights from article authors. Contributors are free to publish their works in any other journal or proceeding.


From: trAce
Subject: Administrative Assistant Position: Nottingham, UK

The trAce Online Writing Centre is seeking to appoint a half-time Administrative Assistant to assist in the administration and marketing of the trAce Online Writing School, plus other related duties. This is offered as a one year fixed term appointment. Salary: 12,402 - 13,308 pounds stlg pa pro rata

Deadline: 18 April 2001 (Please quote post ref M0289)
Application forms:
Ph: +cc 0115 8486522 (24 hour answering service)


Subject: Web Manager Position - Australia

The Australian National Training Authority (ANTA) is a Commonwealth statutory authority, which advises Australian governments in relation to national policies and strategies for vocational education and training.

ANTA is currently seeking a web manager to work in their Brisbane office. The position will be responsible to maintain and manage ANTA's web site, as well as to provide a range of web-related services.

Deadline: 9 April 2001
Further Info: Ms Candi Champness
Ph: +61 07 3246 2357


From: File File
Subject: FILE 2001- electronic language international festival
August 2001, Sao Paulo

The FILE 2001 electronic language international festival is open for entries till 30 May for the areas of WEB Sites, WEB Art, WEB Design, Net Art, Artificial life, Simulation and modeling, Interactive Animation, VRML and others.



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