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General Information

As ZoneZero is celebrating its Tenth Anniversary we have decided to go all out with a series of important events. We are inviting everyone to participate.

10 años de lo analógico a lo digital

Recently we held the colloquium "Ten years from analog to digital: ZoneZero" in Mexico City from September 25 to 27 where important international experts of their respective fields, joined us to share their opinions about the most interesting topics that have lead to the evolution of photography over the last decade. Thank you for participating!

check out:

> ABOUT THE VENUE (about ZoneZero at the CENART, the colloquium profile, topics, etc.)

> REWIEW -We will be showing a review -in several formats- of all the conferences in this colloquium. You will be able to see everything that happened in this great event. Coming Soon!

Zonezero the film

ZoneZero will produce a movie about the transformation of photography from analog to digital, as well as the global use of the Internet in education and communications, together with a review of the creative forms that digital technologies have spawned.

We therefore invite you to participate in a project where the main character will be you -ZoneZero user-. The idea is to get you involved in the production of this movie, using digital video as a tool to make a statement about yourself and your surroundings.

This material, that will arrive from all around the world will be compiled and edited by a team of professional filmmakers.


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