"The Instant"

The Instant
The Instant © Pedro Meyer 2000

by Pedro Meyer








“It is the instant, the bird which is everywhere and nowhere”, according to Octavio Paz. “ We want to hold it alive, but it holds open it’s wings and vanishes, transformed into a handful of syllables”. With this poetic metaphor by one of the foremost Mexican poets we want to conclude the year which is the first of the new millennium. We want to thank you for all the instants that you have shared with us over time.

Photography is the perfect metaphor with which to respond to the poet’s perception of time. The instant in the digital age has been transformed forever. No longer are we assured that we are a witness to what for so long was considered as the “decisive moment” . Of course there are decisive moments, who would question the existence of that particular instant were the bird spreads its wings ready to land? In the past we would have been sure that this happened right there in front of the man-angel and we named such a coming together of elements as having had luck. To our good fortune we can now say that we are no longer dependent on our luck but on our imagination.

May your imagination always be the principal tool of your digital endeavors.

Pedro Meyer
December, 2000
Coyoacan, México

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