"The Sword and The Cross"
by Diego Goldberg


"President Pinochet"

President Pinochet in his office. The Chilean coat of arms bears the motto "By reason or by force". The General hides the reason and is left with the force. When I returned to photograph Pinochet a couple of years later, I was told it was forbidden to photograph his desk. When I innocently asked why, his aide-de-camp said there was a picture out there that had done a lot of harm to Chile (read Pinochet). Ah, the power of photography...


"Confession 1"

Cadets from the Military Academy during confession at the Luján
Cathedral outside Buenos Aires, Argentina. The sign reads "My Hope".


"Confession 2"

In Argentina, San Cayetano is the Patron Saint of the workers. On his Day thousands of unemployed come to pray at the San Cayetano church in Buenos Aires. Due to the overwhelming attendance, priests have to give hear confessions in the street.