Lars Tunbjörk
A country beside itself- pictures from Sweden



"Good Is He Who Tastes Good"



An emptiness permeates our cities, smaller towns and movies

along the roads. It did not use to be there. When it began to emerge, it

went undetected for some time, suppressed beneath a kind of dizzy tipsiness

that spread across the country and was everywhere and which perhaps transformed

the very fundamentals of this country. That is why I dread those houses,

that sit on the outskirts of any medium-sized town, and where constructed

in a period of weeks early in the decade. Not much greenery surround them

yet. The wooden porches overlook barren hills; passers-by may take them

for small odd outdoor stages or just-laid down open-air dance floors. The

houses were somehow built at the last minute; now the evening news light

up the rooms each night as if an uncertain future - will it be about interest

rate levels again? - attempts to contact its residents.

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