I was born in Mexico City of Andalucian father and Basque mother.

I have been doing etchings, tapestry, jewelry, acrylics and illustration since 1972. After a number of collective exhibitions and a few one person shows, this is the first time that I present myself with such intimate and profound feelings.
I have never experienced such intense emotions in showing my work. With this body of work I close a cycle in my life. What I show here today, started more than two years ago with the idea to make a children's book on the computer.

The idea was to produce it in reverse order to what is traditionally done. Instead of getting a text that I would then illustrate, I would give the writer the images for her to write a text to.
Towards that end, the people I chose to appear in my pictures, where my father and my uncle.

My father passed away shortly after we finished the first set of images, and I stopped working for some time after that.

Upon returning to this body of work personal reasons drove the work in another direction, and it was far from even resembling a children's book. So I abandoned that idea, and let the work take over as I allowed my feelings to flow freely through the images I was creating. I felt good in doing so, as it was my way of dealing with the loss of my father and coming to terms with his death. In this way I lived my mourning.
Marisol Fernández
Marisol Fernández lives and works in Mexico and can be reached at: