Maya Goded

This series began because I wanted to discover the land where my grandparents fell in love, where my great grand uncle died after flying his airplane for some time, and where my father lived a few years fighting for his political ideals.

In the state of Guerrero, Mexico,the prevailing population is white descendants of the Spaniards and a strong Indian presence,therefore other cultural influences have been neglected or forgotten.

Black people, are the third root of that melting pot of what is contemporary Mexico. As a minority, with a culture which is threatened with extinction, I was interested to capture their present day customs and way of life; I photographed in Guerrero and then continued on to Oaxaca, a region called " Costa Chica ". I came to understand that as long as we continue to ignore ethnic minorities which are part of our Latin America, we can hardly understand our present cultural reality.

Throughout my travels which lasted three years, I have tried to grasp the strength of this culture, women who in spite of a hostile environment find the needed space to build families with strong moral codes. In these regions where violence and poverty form part of daily living men's virtues are not diminished. The intimate co-existence between life and death brings us ever closer to the understanding of the human soul.

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