"A vision of Latin America"


Peter Pfersick

This group of photographs is selected from a larger series that I

have been working on for seventeen years. It is customary for me to

travel in four to eight countries each year to photograph and

engage in various type of other photographic activities. Although

I have photographed in nearly thirty countries, I have spent the

most time in Latin America. For example I have been to Mexico on

thirty separate trips that have ranged in duration from one to five


The larger series of work from which these Latin American

photographs are selected from is titled "Sojourns" and consists

both of black and white 35 mm photographs and 400 degree color

panoramic photographs. My black and white images cannot be

described as travel-log or journalistic in nature but rather a

blend of surrealism with a formalistic component. It is my intent

to experience the various cultures I travel in and respond

photographically to elements both human and artifactual in nature

that will present the viewer through the resulting photograph with

an enigma.

It is my desire to present my thoughts and visual experiments that

are uncommon and often incomprehensible packaged in the wrappings

of the innocuous unaltered photograph whose credibility is beyond

reproach. All that any photographer sees or experiences becomes

private interpretation of that joy. However, the resulting

photograph becomes not only his menmonic but the document for the

viewer's own inspection or personal exodus.

Peter M. Pfersick
December 1995

Peter Pfersick works and lives out of San Francisco, California
and can be reached at FAX (510) 763 9385