Víctor Flores Olea

Throughout history, technical advances have frequently determined the outcome of applied and artistic forms of expression. For example, the discovery of fresco techniques revolutionized Renaissance painting. The same thing happened when the procedures for fixing images on paper were found, or when it was discovered that these images could have movement, as in the sequences of cinematography. Ever since, photography and cinema have been validated in their conditions as art.

That is the case now with computers: they are not only useful for data storage, undertaking complicated mathematical operations, and for organizing the millions of signals needed for modern communication, but also as a new tool for creating art.

We must recognize, that today, computer images are used mainly for publicity purposes. It seems to me‹that aside from the quality of these images‹one has to emphasize the value of the computer as a means of artistic creation by beginning to define the specific signs of this new language, its singularity. I believe it should be clearly distinguished from other languages of expression, for instance, that of photography, or engraving, or serigraphy, and certainly from the pencil and artist's brush. The computers will be creating new images, which cannot be confused with other forms of art; they have to be exclusive, unique of this powerful instrument.

Certainly this artistic work has to do with adventure and exploration. Thus I go from photography to making images by computer; images that had to have their own personality, distinct from the photographic image.

The ludic work of proofs and counterproofs, of successful essays and foolish mistakes, made me realize that these original images could be created only by computers and not by any other means. Its value? Only time can tell. The fact is that today, in the digital age, we live by exploring and questioning, not by giving definite answers.

Of course, the advancement of this new art will only be given by the combined effort of many artists. Now, encouragement and curiosity are of most importance, and the critical eye and judgment of the others are the only real dimension of our essays. I have called this sixty image series EROS IN THE VIRTUAL SPACE. Here are some of these images! I would be very grateful to get some comments from you. In any case, I can assure you that traveling in the virtual space of erotica has always been fascinating.

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