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Richard Avedon's In the American West

by M A X - K O Z L O F F 

To Readers (with an interest in the Humanities):


From: Max Kozloff, New York

The following is a section from a "disappeared" book. "Disappeared", in this case, refers to a book that had come out but was shortly afterward disavowed and withdrawn by its publisher, who dropped the title from the catalogue and took no orders from booksellers.

Here are the facts: the book in question is my Lone Visions/ Crowded Frames, originally published by the University of New Mexico Press in late 1994. It is a collection of previously published essays on photography. In April, 1995, an attorney for Richard Avedon, a photographer, demanded money damages from [non-existent] profits and that the UNM Press "immediately cease and desist...publication" of the book because it included 3 of his copyrighted pictures (to illustrate a negative essay) without his permission. This was followed by a threat to seek an injunction in the courts to have the book withdrawn. My lawyer represented that Avedon had no case because I was entitled to "fair use" of said images (press glossies).

Fifteen months later, I have heard nothing further from Richard Avedon. BUT, without telling me, the University of New Mexico Press's lawyer, fearing a lawsuit, ordered the book's withdrawal. The First Amendment had no cachet in these quarters. Upon learning of his action, only in January, 1996, I demanded that the book be put back on the market. At long last, the publisher has agreed to do this, but not officially, (with full protocol) until Spring, 1997, two and a half years after it had originally been brought out.

I offer you the essay on Richard Avedon, with hopes that it may give pleasure and knowledge. Should you wish to have the whole book, which includes sections on portraiture, street photography, and photojournalism, it may now be ordered, I am informed--through your book dealer or the publisher directly:

The University of New Mexico Press, 1720 Lomas Blvd, NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87131. Phone: 505 277 2346 At present, it is a rare item. I recommend the paperback edition, price $24.95.


Thank you for your attention.

Max Kozloff

To contact Max Kozloff: fax 1 - 212 - 228 - 8995
Avedon's pictures are reproduced from the aforementioned book in strict compliance
with "fair use" within a review.

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