© Diego Goldberg

"The arrow of Time"
by Diego Goldberg (Argentina)

“A new member of the Goldberg family has arrived this year 2009. We welcome Antonia to the adventure of joining the 'Arrow of time'."

Pedro Meyer
© Pedro Meyer

Call for Images
Where were you when Obama was elected president?

ZoneZero invites people from all ages and countries to send their photographs, texts and photo-compositions for exhibition with the theme: Where were you when Obama was elected president?

Diego Goldberg

"The arrow of time"
by Diego Goldberg

"After 23 uninterrupted years of the Goldberg family posing in front of the camera for the annual ritual of the portrait photograph, this year the changes start, the family tree is modified, foretelling a tender surprise that will shortly be seen in Goldberg's 'Arrow of time'."


©Diego Goldberg

Diego Goldberg
The Arrow of Time - annual update

It's that time again:  time for the Goldberg family to get together for their photographic ritual.  Every year, since 1976, Diego Goldberg and his family have taken a portrait of themselves, staring straight at the camera and allowing us to contemplate on the passage of time.  We invite you take a look at one of our most visited features.

Make sure to check out the Quicktime video of The Arrow of Time as presented in ABC News, it is quite wonderful.

"St. Valentine's Day"

"I am well aware that not all cultures enjoy the same special days for celebrating an event nor do so on the same day, in this case most of the western cultures celebrate Valentine's Day with variations. On the other hand, in the Chinese culture, for instance it's "The Night of the Sevens", In Japan and Korea it is called "White Day" which is of more recent origin and associated with marketing efforts by candy makers."


Diego GoldbergSelf portrait, 2006

"The arrow of time, 30 years"
by Diego Goldberg

"Thirty years ago, before we could even imagine all the things that were going to happen, Susy's mother asked me to shoot a portrait of both Susy and Diego to put in her bedroom. A year later, on the same day, we decided to do it again, that is how the Arrow of Time got started."

Happy New Year

New Year 2006
Photography around the World

It will be an interesting exercise to see what this worldwide celebration looks like from so many different places around the globe.

The Sad Song

The Sad Song
by Fredo Viola

"The Sad Song started out as an improvised melody and counter melody after I learned that my dog had cancer. The improv remained on my hard drive for nearly two years undeveloped.

The development of the video was a chance to realize an idea that I'd had for a while. My music had become more and more about multi-layered vocals."

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Popular Imagery

Popular Imagery -Call for Images
Send pictures that depict the visual identity of your community, they could be murals, graffiti, advertisements, houses or business signs.

Kordas Che

Korda's Che
The Story of a Portrait

Collective photography exhibition about the worldwide famous image of Ché Guevara shot by Alberto Korda.


Virgin of Guadalupe
Collective photography exhibition about the celebrations to the Virgin of Guadalupe in different places around the world.


The Pentagon Way
by Meir Wigoder

February 20th is the date that something will happen that will never happen again.

Distant Relations
This is a new and Unusual Dialogue between Chicano, Irish and Mexican artists, writers and composers.
By Trisha Ziff

Digital Double - Decker
In the early 1970s, travelling in a converted double-decker bus which doubled as home and photo-gallery, Meadows criss-crossed England making pictures of the "ordinary British".
By Daniel Meadows f

So much more to be done!
A story created by and with children from Bangladesh

By Shahidul Alam

The Digital Storytelling Festival
A high altitude experience
By Pedro Meyer

The fantastic world of Colin Jacobson
One of Englands' most distinguished picture editors plays games with old images.
By Colin Jacobson

Carmen Made Me So
By Euridice Arratia &
Santiago Echeverry


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