Camedia Olympus C-50 Zoom
By Pedro Meyer

When it comes to digital cameras, there are a lot of questions that come up when trying to decide what to buy. In particular now that digital cameras have started to outsell traditional film based cameras.


Canon G2 - camera review

By Pedro Meyer

If we liked the G1 model, we like the G2 even more. Fortunately Canon did not fix what was not broken just made it better, without modifying substantially what we felt was well resolved earlier.


DIGITAL SENSOR is said to match quality of FILM

by John Markoff

If Carver Mead is right, photographic film is an endangered species.


Canon PowerShot G1-Review

By Pedro Meyer
We need to start out by defining the nature of this review. You need to know if you can find here what you want. There are already a good number of resources with information about this camera, some of which we even include at the end of this review, in the form of links.



Digital Corner : The Epson 3000Z vs Nikon's CoolPix 990
If you are like me, then you will understand that the first thing I want to do upon receiving a camera is to use it, rather than read the manuals that come in the box.


"For memory has painted this perfect day whith colors that never fade ..."
To most of us, the words "flash cards" bring to mind endless hours of learning arithmetic, but in the world of digital cameras they have an entirely different connotation.


Edges and Frames
Although one can make frames with either of these two products, the fact is that they are not really the same.



Digital Cameras , YES! Part 2
"...the Olympus D600L, the Nikon CoolPix 900, and the Kodak DC 260, all with similar resolutions and prices but each very different in concept."



Digital Cameras , YES! Part 1
Few things are more thrilling than shooting pictures with a digital camera.



The photodigital evangelist
"An opportunity to become photodigital converts for those still shackled by silver, and to be freed so they can finally see -and work- in the light of pixel perfection. For (...) this new imaging medium is here to stay."


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