Input Scanning Chart

Comparison Table for photograph scanning. In it, we show some of the most common sizes of photographic film, the different resolution in which they can be scanned, the size in pixels of each one of them and the approximate size of them as digital files.


Epson Printer Score and Fumble
By David Em
In my article Epson Inks Fade Too Fast on Some Papers in, October 2, 2000 I wrote about the orange color shift some users are experiencing with Epson's new line of desktop inkjet printers.


Are you planning to get that
new Epson 1270 or 870 printer?

Besides being loaded with the new Epson lightfast inks, the new cartridges for the 1270 / 870 printers will have some unique features
(From the Epson UK web site, which already has these printers)


About Digital Film and paper

"Do you think that schools should continue to teach traditional darkroom techniques?".


Digital imaging on a shoestring Part 4

In the digital world, printing your own photographs is a lot easier because it doesn't require a darkroom, breathing chemical vapors or standing on your feet until they become numb.

Digital imaging on a shoestring Part 3

"Now we approach the moment of truth...when you want to start working digital magic on your own photographs."


Digital imaging on a shoestring Part 2

"If you, too, are now ready to come out of the dark, let's look at some digital imaging programs that will give you proficiency in practically no time at all."


Digital imaging on a shoestring Part 1

Hardware - the best choices for digital imaging.



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