June 18, 1994

I got a diagnosis! Systemic Lupus. One internist, four neurologists, and ten thousand gallons of blood later. I might have been a little relieved to find out this was not in my head, but I’m on my way to the emergency room. I had a spinal tap and the neurologist said I might experience some headaches. The first day nothing so I thought everything was fine. Then for the next two days it felt as though I had a steel spike driven through my forehead. I could not stand up because I would throw up. As I lay on the floor of the emergency waiting room I counted the number of holes in each of the tile in the ceiling. Later I was in a bed receiving caffeine IV for my headache. A girl was brought in who had been in a car accident. They asked her a few questions and left. She began to cry. I pulled the curtain back to comfort her. She smiled and asked how I was doing.


"Emergency "

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