Magical Thought and the Digital Reconstruction of New York
By Rogelio Villareal

Baggage X-ray Scanning Effects on Film

From Technical Information Bulletin
©Eastman Kodak Company

A Century's Photo History Destined for Life in a Mine
By Sarah Boxer

"The Bettmannn archive will be sunk 220 feet down in a limestone mine situated 60 miles northeast of Pittsburgh, where it will be far from the reach of historians."


The Photographic Work of Mario Cravo Neto.
By Fernando Castro R.

"In a sense, Cravo Neto's works express the truism that the manifestations in his culture of world mythologies belong to all people like him, and perhaps even, all of us. Thus, his work ought to be looked at not for its exoticism but for its catholicism."


Immediate Photographs
By Ricardo Antúnez

"The North American photographer Emmet Gowin gave over a good part of his beautiful book Photographs to present pictures of his own family..."


The New York Vidfest Digital Conference
By Richard James Havis

"We Went Digital, Where Were You?" may have been the title of this year's New York Video Festival's conference on digital video, but "Come Together" would have served just as well.


The Art of the Media
By José Antonio Navarrete

second part
"An attempt to understand why the art of the media weighs so heavily in the field of contemporary art, would certainly demand displaying a considerable number of reasons of the most varied nature. Nevertheless, this is not a futile attempt."


Aprendiendo en un mundo nuevo.
Parte IV
By Pedro Hernández Ramos

Aun los cálculos más generosos sitúan el número de gente alrededor del mundo que está conectada al internet en no más de 300 millones. Obviamente, somos (hablo en primera persona del plural ya que escribo esto conectado al internet y ustedes lo leen estando en línea) una porción pequeñísima de toda la población del mundo, que recientemente rebasó los seis billones.



The Pokémon Adventure
By Pedro & Julio Meyer

by Bill Thomas

On Thursday, March 8, around 4:30 PM, Foley's censored my installation, and concealed it from view by covering the windows with black cloth. The window had been on view to the public for five days. I was asked to de-install as soon as possible.


Crossing Millenniums
By José Antonio Navarrete

A very widespread opinion held today in the field of art... says art through the media prevails in contemporary artistic practice to such an extent that it defines our times and triggers new narratives.


Learning in a new world. Part III
By Pedro Hernández Ramos

"online learning" where instead of books and papers being shipped around via mail, students and instructors are shipping bytes from their computers via the Internet.


Learning in a new world. Part II
By Pedro Hernández Ramos

"knowing that" (facts) seems a lot less relevant than "knowing how" and "knowing why."


Learning in a new world. Part I
By Pedro Hernández Ramos

"It was assumed that school [education] prepares people for life"


The Legend of Grantville Whithers
By Dirck Halstead

" you remember Grantville Whither´s last appearance?



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