Photography From Now On
by Pedro Meyer

"The great writer Jorge Luis Borges was once asked what he thought about a certain translation of one of his works,  “The original does not do justice to the translation” was his response.  Today, Photography, is confronted by Digital Imagery in much the same way".

Pedro Meyer


ZoneZero 10th Anniversary Conferences

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Zone Zero dedicates this space to the catastrophe occurred in Asia. It is intended to show the events through the vision of different photographers to give a real dimension of the tragedy to the people that live far from it.

We will also post advertisements of missing persons or people that are in health care institutuons of which no information is available. We invite you to send your messages of support and comments, which will be published as we get them.


Hand colored journalism

I thought you would find it very interesting to see the way journalism was described by the head of photography at the LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art). Observe please,  the notion of hand tinted daguerrotype as being journalism.

Numo Rama

The Planet is a Favela: Numo Rama.
Interview by Miguel Angel Ceballos

When I was a kid, I was fascinated by the traveling photographers that went to far away towns to shoot portraits either on donkeys or on foot. They returned weeks later with the picture and got the rest of their pay.

iView Media
by Mariana Gruener

iView media is a program for making catalogues that help you to organize and find your files easily; it is designed for photographers, filmmakers or musicians that work with a lot of material.

Dog Days
by Leonardo Barreto

Digital cameras are like dogs in the sense that they live seven years in one year. A good example is the Canon PowerShot G1. This puppy was born on September 18, 2000 with 3.1million pixels. In dog years, it would be 28 years old.

Fake Troops

The Fake Troops in Bush campaign ad.

Appropriately titled "Whatever It Takes", the new BC04 ad uses Bush's convention acceptance speech, stirring music, and images of dedicated troops and families in the heartland. As astutely noted by mikellanes.

Visual Cartography
by Oscar Guzmán

"For over 35,000 years humans beings have been representing what we see and imagine, what terrifies us and what we desire.

The universality of this representational form and its extraordinary perseverance through time confirms that, in the grand spectrum of human history, visual cartography based on orthogonal profiles and mysterious marks characterizes us as a Graphic Species."

Visual Cartography
A project that promises to improve the distribution of digital images.
by Mariana Gruener

"Digital Railroad" makes it easier for photographers, agencies, newspapers or anyone interested in distributing photographs anywhere in the world through the Internet.

Canon´s VII Ad Digitally Altered to Include New Member

Chris Anderson, who was seated on the far right when this picture was taken, was digitally removed after he left the agency. Joachim Ladefoged, who joined the agency in April, was photographed in the same seat and later dropped into the shot over Anderson.

Phonecam photos aspire to art
by Mark Ward

You may be proud of the photos that you have snapped with your funky camera phone, but it is a fair bet that Henry Reichhold has you beat.

The London-based photo-digital artist is using Nokia 7600 and 7610 camera phones to create huge panoramic images of events and places.

Using the phones to snap a series of images and then stitching them together with software, he's produced stunning landscapes of London seen during both day and night.

From Robert Capa’s 'Dying Republican Soldier' to Political Scandal in Contemporary Mexico: Reflections on Digitalization and Credibility.
by John Mraz.

Do we believe what we see or do we see what we believe? What are we shown and how are we shown it? How have we learned to trust documentary photography and whose interests have been served by that credibility? What truth value do we attach to seeing and what has seeing to do with thinking? These are some of the questions that guide this discussion of the most controversial photograph in history -- Robert Capa’s ‘Death of a Republican Soldier’ -- and reflections on political scandals almost seventy years later, created by the recent broadcasting, and rebroadcasting, of videotapes showing members of the Mexican leftist party, Partido de la Revolución Democrático (PRD), accepting what are apparently illicit monies.

Moblogs: The Map of Time
by Julián Gallo.

In experimenting with the constant publishing of family pictures in a moblog –something only possible through cell-phones with a camera- I discovered that this apparently innocuous organization feature – a picture follows another, and the latest is the first that is seen published- was giving away a secret to me.


Madrid, 11 / 03 / 04

Just whose photo is it, anyway?
by Diane Smyth.

As the facts stand, the BBC does not look good. Whatever the eventual outcome of its spat with Reginald Davis, this much is clear: the organisation scanned a copy of a photographer's image and used it, without his knowledge, to illustrate a programme antithetical to his work.


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