The manifesto of the purepecha plateau or: Culture, Migration & Madness on Both Sides of the Río Bravo

by Rubén Martínez / Photographys Joseph Rodriguéz


The virtual barrio @ the other frontier

by Guillermo Gómez-Peña

The mythology goes like this. Mexicans(and by extension other Latinos) can't handle high-technology.


On-line lifeline

by Shahidul Alam

Third World activists are using global connections to pressure the powers that-be and even save lives.


Richard Avedon's
In the American West

Sometimes I think all my pictures are just pictures of me.


Of Pianos and Oranges

by John Derry

What follows are some of my thoughts on the tool-making process.


Documentary Photography:
The Paradox of Reality.

by Francisco Mata Rosas
" The pillars that long sustained the philosophy and ethics of photography are changing... "


The Visual Representation of Developing Countries by Developmental Agencies and the Western Media

by Shahidul Alam


The Renaissance
of Photography

by Pedro Meyer
"A competition between two rival Greek painters Zeuxis and Parrhasisus."


Photojournalism, TV and the Future

by Diego Goldberg
"... the cyber-photojournalist will arrive to the soccer stadium with his high definition video camera: a still image has the same definition of a 35mm film frame."


Magnum Farce

by Colin Jacobson
"Argues that the use of Magnum's photos in advertisements threatens the agency's original values and sets a dangerous precedent."


Searched at UK Border for Net Porn on an Apple

a letter by Kenneth Neil

China: Notebook

Photographs by B.H. Jiang
Texts by E.R. Beardsley

"The pictures which I sent to you were a part of me."


The Gift from a Blind Poet

Story contributed by Pablo Cabado from Argentina / photograph-Pedro Meyer
"Why me? he asked.

The Monica Lesson

by Dirck Halstead
"...what it was like to discover a picture from two years ago that turned out to be the "picture of the week".


Light and darkness, song and scream, the photographic work of Luis Gonzáles Palma

By Fernando Castro R.
"Luis González Palma's work was first shown in Houston in 1992 as part of the Latin American exhibits of FotoFest."


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