"Christian Poveda"

Christian Poveda, who was shot dead in El Salvador last week aged 52, was one of the most talented photojournalists of his generation. He was also a brave documentary film-maker, specialising in politically contentious or dangerous subjects that others wouldn't touch.

Jose Cabezas/AFP/Getty


"Photographer Mario Cravo Neto Dies"

The body of the Bahia-born photographer, Mário Cravo Neto, was cremated in the morning of Monday, August 10, 2009, at the Garden Cemetery Saudade in the neighborhood of Brotas. The ceremony was attended by friends, family, and fellow visual artists who came to bid a last farewell to the renowned artist.



"The World Bids Farewell to Mario Benedetti"

Uruguayan writer Mario Benedetti died on May 17 in Montevideo at the age of 88.

The author of more than eighty books including poetry, novels, short stories, and essays as well as screenplays had been in delicate health since May 6 when he was discharged from the hospital following twelve days of hospitalization after a chronic intestinal ailment worsened.

Mario Benedetti
© Pedro Meyer


"Cornell Capa, photographer who founded a group to preserve brother's legacy, dies at 90"

Cornell Capa, a globetrotting photojournalist who founded the International Center of Photography in New York and dedicated himself to preserving the legacy of his older brother, war photographer Robert Capa, died of Parkinson's disease May 23, at his home in New York. He was 90.

Cornell Capa
© Pedro Meyer


"Olivier Debroise"

Art critic and historian Olivier Debroise passed away on May 6th, in his home in Mexico City's San Rafael Quarter. The announcement was made by friend and colleague Cuauhtémoc Medina. The cause of death was a sudden massive heart attack. The researcher did not suffer any illness. "He was a very intense, very active fellow and there were no signs that this could have happened. It has really taken us all by surprise ", Medina said.

© Pedro Meyer

"Philip Jones Griffiths, War Photojournalist, dies at 72"
by Randy Kennedy

"Philip Jones Griffiths, a crusading photojournalist whose pictures of civilian casualties and suffering were among the defining images of the war in Vietnam, died Wednesday morning at his home in London. He was 72.

The cause was cancer, said Richard Hughes, an actor and activist who befriended Mr. Griffiths in Vietnam."

© Pedro Meyer


"Henri Chopin"

"Henri Chopin was a little-known but key figure of the French avant-garde during the second half of the 20th century. Known primarily as a concrete and sound poet, he created a large body of pioneering recordings using early tape recorders, studio technologies and the sounds of the manipulated human voice. His emphasis on sound is a reminder that language stems as much from oral traditions as from classic literature, of the relationship of balance between order and chaos.

Chopin is significant above all for his diverse spread of creative achievement, as well as for his position as a focal point of contact for the international arts. As poet, painter, graphic artist and designer, typographer, independent publisher, film-maker, broadcaster and arts promoter, Chopin's work is a barometer of the shifts in European media between the 1950s and the 1970s

Henri Chopin

"Jack Welpott"

"Jack was an old friend with whom I corresponded in an irregular way, basically because our mutual schedules would make it difficult to do otherwise, yet our emotional communication always flowed back and forth over the years in a uninterrupted manner. There was a real bond between us and a lot of mutual respect.

I tried to have his work shown here in ZoneZero, and in trying to do something special, Jack would always ask for more time to send me some of his images. In the end it sadly never happened, for what ever reasons he had.

He started out by sending me some of the images he had taken when he was fifteen, in his memory we show them today as a tribute to our friendship."

Pedro Meyer

Jack Welpott
1987 © Pedro Meyer

"John Szarkowski
Curator of photography, dies at 81"


John Szarkowski, a curator who almost single-handedly elevated photography’s status in the last half-century to that of a fine art, making his case in seminal writings and landmark exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, died in on Saturday in Pittsfield, Mass. He was 81."

"Vilma Espin"

"Vilma Espin, the wife of Cuba's acting leader Raul Castro and for years one of the most important women in Cuba, died last Monday, June 18 in Havana. She was 77. Espin fought alongside Fidel Castro during the Cuban revolution and married his brother Raul shortly after the revolution

©Pedro Meyer

"Richard Whelan"

"We just learned that Richard Whelan, one of the great writers on photography in the 20th century, has died. Whelan passed away two weeks ago—for some reason, the New York Times has yet to publish a biography—but his family hasn’t released the cause of death.

He is being buried next to the photographer Robert Capa, the subject of one of his biographies, in a Quaker cemetery in upstate New York tomorrow."


Mercedes Iturbe

"The National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature of Mexico informed that Mercedes Iturbe, director of the Carrillo Gil Art Museum died last night in her home in Cuernavaca, Morelos.

The Institute highlighted her work promoting art both in Mexico and abroad. Until just a few months ago, she was the director of the Museum of Palacio de Bellas Artes. She always distinguished herself for opening up important spaces to Mexican and foreign artists that have left a mark in contemporary art."

Mercedes Iturbe
Pedro Meyer © 1982

"Brad Will"

"We regret the death of our American colleague Brad Will, on October 27th, 2006 in Oaxaca, Mexico, while covering a story for the global network Indymedia."

Brad Will

"Goro Kuramochi"

"Goro Kuramochi, Director of GIP Photographic Agency in Tokyo, curator and editor of various photography books, and organizer of photographic events, died last september 30, 2006 at 7:30 am at the Tokyo Hospital."

Pedro Meyer
© Pedro Meyer

"Miguel Ehrenberg"
by Felipe Ehrenberg

"It is not easy to say something about a man that was a younger brother, a major accomplice and an unreserved friend. He was also a great still photographer and cinematographer, a soundman, and documentarist. In other words, he was a devoted filmmaker with a great vocation."

"Photograher Robert Heinecken dies" (1932-2006)
by Christopher Knight

"Robert Heinecken, an artist who was instrumental in changing the way photographs are considered in the American cultural landscape, died on May 15th at a nursing home in Albuquerque, N.M. He was 74."

Robert Heinecken
© Jerry Uelsmann, 1973

"Arnold Newman - USA"
by Daryl Lang

"Arnold Newman, a deeply influential photographer who spent a lifetime capturing penetrating images of artists, entertainers and presidents, has died at age 88."

Raul Corrales (1925-2006)
Cuban Photographer Dies at 81
by Bianchi Ross

Cuban photographer Raul Corrales, known as one of the leaders in his field in the post-Revolutionary period, died last April 15, state television reported. He was 81.

Fashion Photograher
Bob Carlos Clarke Dies at 56
by Peter Marshall

Bob Carlos Clarke, born in County Cork, Ireland in 1950, ended his life by running in front of train at a level crossing near Barnes in London around half past eleven last Saturday morning. I'd travelled up to London on the very train only two hours earlier. The police say that "the incident was not being treated as suspicious." It was a sad end to the career of a talented photographer who lived with his second wife and teenage daughter a few miles away in Chelsea, having sold his studio in nearby Battersea last year.

Gordon Parks (1913-2006), A Master of the Camera, Dies at 93

Gordon Parks, the photographer, filmmaker, writer and composer who used his prodigious, largely self-taught talents to chronicle the African-American experience and to retell his own personal history, died on March 7, 2006, at his home in Manhattan. He was 93.

Andy Grundberg

Ann Marie Heinrich
(1912 - 2005)

October 1st, at age 93 Annmarie Heinrich died, symbol of the argentinean photography of the XX century and a core figure in the cultural history of the country. Her expertise in portrait, captured the big stars of argentinean movies, at the top of the golden decade of the 40's, for the covers of magazines such as El Hogar, Sintonía, Alta Sociedad and Radiolandia.

Adolfo Patiño "Adolfotógrafo".
(1954 - 2005)

Adolfo Patiño "Adolfotografo", founder of the experimental art group "Peyote y la Compañia", 1978-1984 and "Grupo de Fotógrafos Independientes", 1976-1984, left us the past weekend.

Peter Pfersick (1942-2005)

To a very good friend and photographer, who not only had a towering presence due to his height, but also through his gentle demeanor and profound respect for all cultures.

Jocelyne Benzakin died March 31 (1945-2005)

She was one of the liveliest, most honest, creative, interesting and pivotal people in the fast-moving field of photojournalism when it was at its peak.

Sam Dash (1923-2004)

Our dear and respected friend Sam Dash, counsel in Watergate hearings, dies.

Helmut Newton (1929-2004)

We are sorry to inform you our dear friend photographer Helmut Newton passed away last friday, january 23rd, 2004.

Acclaimed fashion photographer Helmut Newton died Friday January 23rd after his car sped out of control from the driveway of the famed Chateau Marmont hotel and crashed into a wall, police said. He was 83.

Newton, whose work appeared in magazines such as Playboy, Elle and Vogue, was best known for his stark, black-and-white nude photos of women.


Remembering Carl Mydans.
by Dirck Halstead

"Modern photojournalism has had a relatively short life. If you start with the premise that the profession that came with the big picture magazines really is only about eight decades old, it is not surprising that the giants who emerged during this period are beginning to die.

In the past month, two of the greatest have left us. First, it was Henri Cartier-Bresson, who more than any photographer defined "the decisive moment," then in August, Carl Mydans, who was without doubt one of the greatest of the original Life photographers."


Enrique Bostelmann (1939-2003)

We are sad to inform you the decease of our dear friend and photographer last December Was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco (Mexico) in March, 1939. In 1958 he received a scolarship for studying a Master's degree in Photography at Bayerische Staatslehranstalt der Photographie in Munich, west Germany.


Enrique Bostelmann


David Moore (1927 - 2003)

An appreciation by John Swainston.

"There have been few individual photographers within Australia who have made such a contribution to the growth and development of the craft of Photography, as David Moore, who died on the evening of the 23rd January after a very private and stoic illness".

Manuel Alvarez Bravo (1902-2002)

On Saturday October 19, Don Manuel Alvarez Bravo has passed away in Mexico City. You can see the photographs that Pedro Meyer took at the funeral of Don Manuel.

Viviana Ancarola (19? - 2002)

We are very sorry to inform you that Viviana Ancarola, the beloved wife of Oswaldo Ancarola who presented the exhibition "My Family has Cancer" in our Gallery, has passed away.

Mariana Yampolsky (1925 - 2002)

We are sad to inform you that our friend and colleague Mariana Yampolsky, whose wonderful imagery on Mexico has been so appreciated through out the world has passed away, in Mexico City, May 2, 2002.

Seydou Keita (1921 - 2001), one of Africa's leading 20th Century photographers, has died.

Michael Hoffman dies at 59 (1942 - 2001)

"Michael E. Hoffman, the longtime director of the Aperture Foundation, and Aperture magazine, died."


Alicia D’Amico (1933-2001)
By Pedro Meyer

"Argentinean, born October 6, 1933 in Buenos Aires. In 1953, she graduated from the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes (National School of Fine Arts) with the degree of Professor of Drawing and Painting."


A homage to a friend
Alberto Korda (1929 - 2001)
by Pedro Meyer

"Alberto Korda came to Mexico City last year, on account of an exhibition that he had been given at the French Cultural Institute."


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