"An Ongoing Diary"
Day 18

By Pedro Meyer

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The more I travel the more I think that the rest of the world is starting to look like Las Vegas. It's stunning to see the department store Harrods, with its Egyptian theme and its mausoleum to Princess Di and her boyfriend Dodi Al Fayed (heir to the owner of the department store), or the British Museum with all its theme stores according to the cultures of what they have on display. Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas looks not much different.

Di and Dodi
© Pedro Meyer 2001

The two items that "illustrate" how much Dodi and Diana were in love we are told on a plaque in front of their picture, are the wine glass left on the table before their tragic accident and the engagement ring. How these two objects illustrate their love is anyone's guess. I did notice however that the valuable ring is not melted into the acrylic pyramid together with the wine glass, as it has a separate little compartment which I assume would allow for its easy removal and eventual sale, provided that is, that the ring ensconced in the plastic casing is not in fact a zirconium duplicate. In which case the separate little window only provides the viewer with a degree of magnification to enhance and enlarge the ring.

© Pedro Meyer 2001

After the majestic style at Harrods, coming upon this modest barbershop window a few streets down the road made for a lovely counterpoint worthy of mention.

The Wimbledon tennis championship can be seen on the television all day long. Julio asked us all of a sudden today: " Is tennis a bad thing?". We were puzzled with the question, and in turn asked Julio why he thought this to be the case. He explained, that "tennis was on the news all the time", and "only bad things are on the news, aren't they?".

Tim Henman
© Pedro Meyer 2001

Tim Henman, became Britain’s only chance of having one of their countrymen reach the finals since 1934. So obviously Tim was the main news item in England. Unfortunately for the British, Julio's perception was not too far off the mark, as Tim's loss did bring bad news to what remains of the British empire.

Pedro Meyer
July 6, 2001
London, UK.


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