"An Ongoing Diary"
Day 10

By Pedro Meyer

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© Pedro Meyer 2001

I went to yet another station in London, Euston, to meet some of the other people who have been invited to Birmingham for this event which goes by the very questionable name of Rhubarb-Rhubarb. We were told we would be met by someone at the station in front of a certain kiosk. I arrived 30 minutes early because I was not familiar with where we were meeting, allowing myself time to find this place. It turns out that the certain person to meet us was carrying around a little drawing of a stick of rhubarb, which I mistook for someone at the station trying to sell some of his drawings. I had seen him, even photographed him, yet never had the slightest idea that this was the person who I was supposed to meet. All the other people who came up to him, I assumed, wrongly as it turns out, were interested in buying his drawing.

I had never seen rhubarb, so how was I to make the connection. So much for what we assume to be obvious.


Waiting around for my appointment to take place, gave me the opportunity to photograph at the station as people would come up to see the departure schedules placed high on the wall. Noticeable was the extended use of cell phones, which now are even weirder as people seem to be talking to themselves not even holding a phone anymore, just a piece of wire that goes into their ears.

I lost my hat on the train, however it was later found and is being held for me at the next railroad station. Tomorrow I will be able to pick it up. James Maddox from PURE magazine, was very generous in helping me out in locating it. I would not have even thought that such a thing was possible.

chinos comiendo
© Pedro Meyer 2001
© Pedro Meyer 2001



A group of us then later went off to have some dinner at a chinese restaurant.




Coming back to the hotel to write and prepare all the images is quite a time consuming task, it takes a lot more effort than I thought might be needed.

Today and tomorrow the schedules are going to be so tight that I might not be able to send anything, so if you don't hear from me, you will know why.

Also the time differences between here and Mexico where we are preparing the pages makes for some very interesting issues with regard to time, we will come back to that another day.

Pedro Meyer
June 28, 2001
London, UK.

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