"An Ongoing Diary"
Day 20

By Pedro Meyer

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We are starting to pack our bags for the return trip to Mexico. Mike Abrahams, and old friend and colleague comes by our place to show us his latest book, entitled FAITH. We will be featuring this work in ZoneZero in the near future.

Mike Abrahams
© Pedro Meyer 2001

Speaking of which I just read in this week's Newsweek magazine about the tradition in Israel of sending messages to God, (Lord, you've got mail!) within the crevices of the Western Wall (the remnants of the holy Second Temple of Jerusalem) had taken on a new dimension as more people are deciding to reach God electronically. http://aish.com/wallcam/ receives an average of 1500 emails per month from foreigners of various faiths. The messages are placed on a floppy disc, which is then cracked open to extract the the disc which contains the messages, that disc is then wedged into the Wall. I assume with the expectation that somehow in heaven they can also read such prayers. I wonder what Operating System they are on up there. You can also get a videocam view of the Wall refreshed every 20 minutes.

© Pedro Meyer 2001



Wimbledon, is nearly over, today is the Men's Finals. The finalists are Goran Ivanisevic from Croatia and Pat Rafter from Australia. I personally like Rafter much better both as a player and a person. However Ivanisevic manages to win by a slight margin.




© Pedro Meyer 2001

© Pedro Meyer 2001

I just realized I lost my hat yet again, I suppose it's either senility or the fact that I usually don't wear a hat. What makes me suspect it's not senility is that I was able to remember were I last had it, at the restaurant in Harrods. We called to inquire if they had found it, guess what! It's there and are they are going to hold it for a friend to go around to pick it up. I will no longer be in London to do it myself. But I will have a hat here when I next come to visit.



Pedro Meyer
July 8, 2001
London, UK.


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