"An Ongoing Diary"
Day 30

By Pedro Meyer

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© Pedro Meyer 2001

The end of the trip has arrived. We are about to land in Mexico City, it is raining outside. I find that I need to make some sort of summary.

My first conclusion is that the process of making an online diary is a lot more complex than I had envisaged at the outset, and also a lot more fun.

The connections from everywhere are far from being something that runs smoothly and without problems. I had thought otherwise given that I was only traveling in the so called first world and "logging on" in major cities. That proved to be irrelevant, most of the time the connections were expensive and highly unreliable, the worst ones were from New York.

The differences in time zones, also added a problem I had not taken that much into account. Our staff in ZoneZero could not always cope with the delays in having the materials arrive at odd time schedules and therefore the idea that we were on line punctually each day was not always possible, at least not so for a small operation such as ZoneZero. After all what time frame does one use as a reference when it works around the clock, as Gabriel Garcia Marquez reminded a group of us sitting at home around a glass top desk in Mexico City," that we were not very conscious of living the irretrievable yesterday of millions of Europeans and the uncertain tomorrow of innumerale Asian multitudes".

The production of the work and texts also collided with the schedule of other activities that I had to take care off during my trip. So producing a an ongoing diary was impossible to do as a daily routine, unless that is all that I would be doing. Sometimes I had to catch up after two or three days.

I do not regret for a moment having done it, as it provided me with a lot of interesting experiences in coming up both with the images as well as the texts. Some of you have been good enough to comment as we went along on our travels, that was interesting onto itself. I look forward to continuing this dialogue further on.

Thank you for sharing this trip with me.

Cd. de Mexico

Mexico City at 8:00 PM on a rainy evening as seen from the airplane just before landing

© Pedro Meyer 2001


Pedro Meyer
July 23, 2001
Mexico City, Mexico.


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