"An Ongoing Diary"
Day 7

By Pedro Meyer

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© Pedro Meyer 2001

This evening I gave a lecture at the School of Media at the London College of Printing, at the invitation of Anne Williams. I commented at the lecture how all the activities related to photography that I have been involved with during this trip to England, are with people that I first came in contact with through the internet.

I can imagine that such an experience is something that will multiply itself endlessly through out the world, bringing about a much wider circle of people with whom one would have normally come in contact with. As we move beyond the community we were brought up in, the circle expands, then all foreign travel brings about further expansion of such an initial circle, and now with the internet our horizons can move even further. This is a phenomenon which to my knowledge no one has touched upon in their social research. It would be great to see studies of how our circle of influences (both outwards and inwards) have grown, as a result of the internet.

The irony of it all is that all these contacts that originated with the internet, and have led to very personal and human experiences, are delivered by this medium ( the internet) that in some quarters is dismissed as being so impersonal.

Andrew Latson
© Pedro Meyer 2001

After the lecture, we went to have some dinner with a few friends, most of them I knew from before but among those that joined us was Andrew Latson a new internet friend.

I did not do much during the day, as I had to prepare the lecture for the evening, take care of a lot of email, and then also get some rest after a very intense few days in Hull, were I barely got more than six hours of sleep each night. Tomorrow is going to be a day of vacationing, we plan to do a lot of interesting things with Julio. In the afternoon we are going to visit a gallery with Steve Pike, whose work we want to show very soon in ZoneZero.

One of the emails I received today was from Diego Goldberg from Argentina, sending us his yearly update to the fantastic essay of the arrow of time which he has now been doing it for 25 years(http://zonezero.com/magazine/essays/diegotime/time.html). What I found so astonishing in this experience was that Diego was sitting in Buenos Aires, sending me this material to London (unbeknownst to him) and from here I sent it to Mexico so that José Luis Bravo in our studio could set it up and then send it on to our server located in California. In a matter of a few hours, this work was already available through out the world. Furthermore, Diego's wonderful piece which needs to be updated on a yearly basis, finds its natural home on the internet, as only in this medium can such work be updated on an ongoing basis.


Pedro Meyer
June 25, 2001
London, UK.

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