"An Ongoing Diary"
Day 29

By Pedro Meyer

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Julio and Trisha
© Pedro Meyer 2001

I returned to the scene where nearly sixty years ago, around the age that Julio is right now, I was walking down that very same street with my mother, when to my horror I discovered that I was actually holding a stranger's hand and not that of my mother as I had thought. The event must have happened in less than a minute, but for me it was an eternity, I felt like I had lost my mother in the crowd, (which was considerably more than it is in this picture on a placid Sunday morning, right at the entrance of Grand Central Station in New York) so much so, that I can still recall to this day the entire experience of that moment.

© Pedro Meyer 2001

We are having major problems with the internet connections between New York and Mexico City. First of all the connections here in New York have been abysmally poor, which in many ways is ironic given the popular notion that in the US one would find much better connections in contrast to Mexico City, for example. Well this has not been the case. Then our ISP where we keep our server in California decided to improve our email services without notifying us, in the process managed to put all our mailboxes out of service. So not only have we had poor connections, but in addition the email connections were put out of commission for several days.

Pedro Meyer
July 22, 2001
New York City, USA.


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